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With little experience and no guidance, there's little chance you'll make any money online. With our help, you can focus on earning rather than learning.
We show you where to get free leads, free marketing tools and free places to market and advertise your business off and online. 
A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team shows members how to attract proven buyers to join their team so they can increase their income from direct sales, network or affiliate marketing
You can contact us by phone, text, email, mail, fax or Skype. Call our recorded messages at 1-888-888-9802 ext. 30301 if you choose.
Because your time is limited, you want to be shown the secrets of modern day marketing and sponsoring, then you want your new members to duplicate the process by tapping into the right system.

People should be calling you, like they do us, to ask questions about our business or how to join your team. Don't be fooled by "we'll do all the work for you" promises.
What To Expect As a Team Member

Free Leads and What To Do With Them
How To Sponsor One Person a Day
Easy Click and Do Marketing System
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Why Get Informed and  Do Research First ?

Before you get scammed, suckered or taken by some dishonest people, programs or advertisers, always do research and get informed FIRST.

How To Avoid Being Scammed?
What to look and look out for - SEC report

Is Multi -Level Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?
See what the FTC says about MLM's

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?
Who was Charles Ponzi and what did he do wrong?
Complaints To The Rip Off Report
Problems the rip off report has had

An Advertising Guide For Dietary Products
Watch what you claim on a website about dietary products

FTC Guidelines on Testimonials
What you have to disclose

Deceptive Ads For Business Opportunities
How to spot false claims

Should You Accept That Free Offer?
Why you may want to think twice before you bite

Advertising and Marketing On the Internet
The FTC's rules of the road

Controversial Income Opportunities
Check to see if your mlm is listed

MLM Red Flags
What you should watch out for before you join

How Can We Change YOUR Income?

Our hope is that you will join our team by allowing us to sponsor you and to help you make more money than you ever have in the past.  I can't guarantee it but I can assure you if you do the work, it will happen.

The network marketing companies we are a part of are not brand new nor are they the super old ones. However, they are established and growing, some rapidly.

Why are we in several NWM companies? To receive income from different sources? Yes. But mainly because no one company appeals to everyone and my desire is to help people find what we in this Industry call a "home".

Do I have a "home"? Yes, and I am so excited about it that you could offer me a "sure thing", the "greatest product, idea or company ever" and I would turn it down. Call me to ask me why and what it is?

We have researched, examined and taken lots of time to decide that these companies were among the best programs, products, policies and procedures and compensation plans available. Curious?  Feel free to call me now.

​​Best Free Marketing Tools 

Best Free Biz Opp Lead

Best Free Income O
st Free Emailer                              Best Free Auto Responder
Best Free Conference Caller
Best Free Conference Calling
Best Free Internet Secrets
Best Free Internet Marketing Secrets
Bestwebsite counter
Best Free Photo Shop Clone
Best Free Press
Best Free Press Release
Best Desktop Recorder
Best Free Desk Top Recorder
Best Logo Maker
Best Free Logo Maker

Best Free Signature Maker

Best Free Lead Capture System

Best Free Advertising Tool

Thank You For Visiting Our Team Website

A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team shows members how to attract proven buyers to join their team so they can increase their income from direct sales, network or affiliate marketing.
      Let us ask you some serious questions:

  Have you thought making a lot of money in direct sales would be easy yet you've made very little?

  Have you spent a lot of time and money trying to find new people to join you and haven't succeeded?

  Have you joined numerous mlm's, spent hard earned money joining and promoting them and ended up with very little to show for it, even wanting to quit?
Then you fit into the 95% group who are new or inexperienced or didn't find the right network marketing company/team and who may have a:
lack of time, money and know how to earn the big money the other 5% are earning, have a

lack of determination because of past failures or
ended up with a dead beat sponsor or team.

We can help! No, really, we CAN help!

We show you what to do rather than tell you how. How to information can be misleading, confusing, time consuming, not practical and difficult to put into use. We tailor fit "what your time available" allows and simply show you what to do to sponsor people in mlm.

Our Team website and coaching will help you to

​Sponsor more people than ever before, from one a week to one a day.

​​Show you how to market and advertise where proven buyers are on the Internet and do it in the time you have available.

How Can You Know We Can Do What We Say?
Some marketing and team websites say they will sponsor people for you. If that were the case, why do they need you? Those people are "recruiters" always in need of new members because they usually lose them as fast as they get them.

We don't promise to do the work it takes to sponsor people for you, we simply show you the secrets to do it. It's like teaching you to fish rather than giving you some fish to eat. By showing you how to sponsor we are giving you the means to do the same for those you sponsor.

Quite simply, we have an easy to duplicate proven method for online marketing and some private password protected Team websites which show you what to do to sponsor people that fits your time and circumstances. It's so simple a 10 year old could do it.

Additionally, our private system for sponsoring is designed to appear like it's coming from you as a team leader. In other words, you and members of your team can also duplicate what we show you. They too can tap into the secrets we've used successfully to help them become "branded" and effective sponsors. This creates team retention and we all benefit.
MLM Leaders love us because we have put in place what they need to plug their potential team into. Our system gets team members to focus on marketing on a daily basis rather than scratching their heads wondering what to do next.
We don't have all the answers. We don't have all the possible tools and we certainly can't guarantee how much income you'll earn or how many people you'll enroll. We also don't know what your desire or passion level is. We just know what works for us.

We also know that people have followed our way of doing things and have gotten better results than they ever have before. Here are a couple of comments about our sponsoring:
"you have been absolutely wonderful as a sponsor"
                                                                            -Vickie Haun
"wanted to thank you sincerely for all the help you have provided"                           - Dr. Elan Colen
You may want to browse around and see how this website can assist you. Please feel free to ask us a question or call us and get more details. We are not looking for any "opportunities" at this time. Thank you.

​​​​Compensation Disclosure
We are compensated for any clicks made from ad links on this website. However, this is minimal and not the way we earn an income online. However, it does cover the costs of providing this website and its contents free of charge.
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