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A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team shows members how to attract proven buyers to join their team so they can increase their income from direct sales, network or affiliate marketing
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You can contact us by phone, text, email, mail, fax or Skype. Call our recorded messages at 1-888-888-9802 ext. 30301 or 1-951-805-8585 direct.
A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team was founded in 2006 by Andrew Sinay. Its purpose is to help people make or save money through Team Marketing Techniques and to help spare members the loss experienced by some 95% of those in network marketing. We direct people to honest and legitimate businesses while helping them to avoid scams, pyramid and ponzi schemes or some bogus internet marketing materials.

People from all over the world have called or emailed us asking for advice. We welcome your questions, opinions and comments. Thank you for visiting our website.
We do not charge for our password protected sponsoring system or internet marketing secrets e-series. By joining a Direct Sales company with us as your sponsor, you become a member of our Team and qualify for our free training, coaching and advice.

Our experience includes 35 years of owning our own service business started from scratch in several locations in California and building large downlines in several network marketing firms. We have been told, "you have been absolutely wonderful as a sponsor" and invite your participation in what we do.
Save Time & Money - Do The Research Before You Leap.

Don't take anything you find on the Internet for granted. Always find out what you can about any direct sales company, product or service before you make a purchase.

It will save you a lot of trouble and money if you do.  The following are some good things to know about mlms as well as what you should know to help prevent being scammed.

Ever Been Scammed?
Is It a Pyramid Scheme?
Could It Be a Ponzi Scheme?
What If You Are Ripped Off?
FTC Rules On Health & Income Claims
FTC Guidelines on Testimonials
Is Multi Level Marketing Legal?

Difference Between a Good and Bad MLM?
MLM Legal Videos
MLM Red Flags

How Can We Change Your  Income?
Many leaders offer mentoring, training and "systems" to help their Team but usually at some monthly cost to their group. Others only provide lip service to their offers. We're different. We have experience worth sharing and share it with those willing to do the work.

There's two ways to make money in network or affiliate marketing; the old way and the new way. The old way is one on one and the new way is through the Internet. Both have their place and individual preference dictates which to do. We prefer to do both. Both have value.
After you become a qualified member of our Team, we provide a simple to use click and do sponsoring system by:
* a password protected Team website that shows how and where to market if you have 1, 2, 4 or more hours daily to build your business
* a duplicable how to sponsor training e-series that you also tap your downline into and the emails look like they're coming from you
* complete internet marketing training that:
    will get you calls from proven buyers
    will get you free business opportunity leads
    shows you where to get free biz opp leads
    shows you how and where to advertise
    shows you how to make a website & blog
    shows you how to use free advertising
    shows you many free marketing tools
    shows you how to use social media, free ads and safelists to sponsor people

You also get free of charge:
* a free branding, list building and advertising tool to offer that has tremendous value
* three way call access with us and upline team calls, webinars and other team website access
* answers through emails, texts and Skype  
Perhaps you've already joined another sponsor and team and you're lost and without help. It wouldn't surprise us. Perhaps you need to think about putting which team you're on and who your sponsor on the same level as what program or company you're in.
Thank you for visiting our About Us page. To join our team you must enroll in one of our programs with us as your sponsor. Call us, fill in the form or click the banner below to see what we offer.

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