Andrew Sinay of A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team started in network marketing in the 1980's with Melaleuca and Herbalife.  Back then, traditional marketing methods were used. More recently, he started in network marketing in 2006.  Because of his business experience his advice and opinion has come to be respected by people around the globe. His free mentoring and team marketing help has been acclaimed by new and experienced marketers alike as rare and exceptional. This share and give marketing experience has led him to where he is now and here is his story so you know where he's coming from and why he recommends what he does.
The Story Of How Andrew Sinay of A. Andrews and Sons Ended Up In One of the Hottest Direct Sales Companies...
Building a Team in Network Marketing is simple. Yet it takes hard work by making a consistent effort to show people how to duplicate what you do.

Most people don't have the time to duplicate what their sponsor does. So we have provided all the tools, sites and marketing materials for you, so all you have to do is "copy" it rather than learn what it is you have to do.

Who is Andrew Sinay?
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Joining with Andrew Sinay aligns you with one of the most responsive and experienced network marketing Teams.

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A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team. We are responsive and caring Leaders and Sponsors who know how to build large teams. Here's what we do and can do for you....

  • we respond to your needs
  • we can 3-way call with you and a prospect and close
  • we have a team website that shows you how to sponsor people into your business
  • we provide marketing tools free of charge
  • we provide a duplicable system for your team
What Do I Recommend?:

Yes, I do recommend multiple streams of income, so I am in several network marketing companies. However, I only have one company I call "home".

No one company or product appeals to everyone. Some companies are only U.S. based while others are International.

We are in the best in class of companies and feel very strongly about the choices I've made.

Since We Have Sponsored 100's of People:

   We can show and tell you how to do it.
   We make it so you can show others
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There's only one way to join our team. Once you join one of the programs we promote we will send you a sign up link.

What are the programs that we promote? I find that showing you them isn't enough. You need to hear about them.

To do so, you either need to call me directly or fill in the form with your contact information and I'll contact you.

Why should you hear what I've got? People who have called me have responded by saying, "awesome", "that's incredible" and "oh, my God, why haven't I heard about this before".

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This real life account of Andrew Sinay shows how he went from computer illiterate to a successful network and Internet Marketer.

My First Experience At Making Money Online Was A Total Flop. The SEC Shut DownThe Company 6 Months After I Joined It And I Never Made A Single Dime. I Lost A Bundle. It was called The Prosperity Automated System.

After That, I Joined Numerous NEW "MLM'S" Thinking There Just Had To Be One "Just Right" For Me So I Could Retire Because I Wasn't Getting Any Younger And Knew It Took Time To Build A Residual Income. I Had a Lot To Learn. If You're New To MLM You Can Learn From Me.

I kept applying what I learned and I would press on saying, "this is it, everybody's going to love this one, I just know it". Some of these programs said all I had to do was join or "get in line" or not even sponsor anyone and I'll get paid.

In other cases, "You've Already Made Money Don't Lose It - Join By Midnight On Thursday". I made money all right, but I wasn't able to get it because it wasn't enough to equal the minimum amount needed for a check to be sent out. So I got nothing. Ever have something like that happen to you?

Man, Was I Too Trusting and Gullible. I Thought It Would Be So Simple To Make Money On The Internet. And on top of this I was spending money left and right trying to learn what I needed to do to market on the Internet. I didn't like talking to people I knew. I figured I'd do that when I "hit it big".

Eventually I learned what to do and started to sponsor way more people. I got 20-30 people signed up under the #1 distributor in a brand new Company. Wow! Now I'm going to really make some great money I thought. But after 2-3 months, half if not more of those people dropped out. What was I doing wrong?

Then I Figured If The Program or Product Was Absolutely The Best the World Had Ever Seen, People Would Jump Right In And Stay In It No Matter What, Right?

WRONG! The mistake I was making was joining brand new start up companies. I thought if I got in early enough, I had an edge over those not aware of the new company.

That's When I Found Out Most MLM Owners Contact a Select Group of Marketers Before They Pre-Launch and Get Them In First. The "Ground Floor" Can Have Dozens, Hundreds, Even Thousands In It Before You Can Get In.

After much more research did I discover the secrets of what made a successful Network Marketing Company and I went looking for the right one. I learned what to look for in a Compensation Plan. I learned from experience what to make sure is in place when it comes to an "Executive Team" or who is running the Company.

I began to "read between the lines" when I looked at a Company website. Was there a location? Was there a support number? How were the products unique or "first to market" and who else was already in this company?

That's When Things Started to "Click" Financially For Me.
I learned more about "Internet Marketing" and applied everything I was learning to finally earn some decent income from home. I now knew how to avoid all the many scams and "get rich quick" schemes popping up all over the Internet.

There are dozens of new mlm's started every year. About 95% of those fail within 2 years. It's not easy to find a "keeper". And for most of us, finding a "keeper" is one of those things where you just need help. I learned to stay away from a Start Up.

So along the way I learned a few things and I'd like to share them with you.

Should you join a "start up" or new network marketing company? Most people will tell you an emphatic NO! Most mlm's fail within two years and quite a few never even "launch". So wait until they've been around at least two years and are starting a new "momentum" phase if you can.

Many so called leaders lead their group into one start up after another. My advice is to break free from their hype and find a team and company that is NOT new so you can focus on one effort, not three or four.

But don't some start ups "break records" or enroll more people than any other company has before them? Yes, but it's no guarantee of success. Many record breaking companies no longer exist. So should you avoid "start up's" altogether?

Getting in on the ground floor of a potentially successful mlm can be a real blessing. There's a great deal of excitement and people like new things, especially when it's something extra special or extra ordinary. So I'm not against all start ups.

Should you join an "established" mlm? This has been a recent trend, some feeling they don't have to worry about the company failing or having to explain all the glitches new companies go through. The question then is, "which established company should you join"?

Some older mlm's come out with some amazing new products or some new heavy hitter joins the company and helps create a new momentum phase. So what should you do?

Chances are this company may be a struggle for you as well. Some older companies are a hard sell. "Oh, I've heard of that before. Don't they have .....and then they give you something they've heard about it. In other cases, YOU may be able to build it but how about those you bring in. Will they? So be careful.

I think the bottom line here, what is so unique about the product, company and the way it markets itself that you don't have to "sell" it at sells itself. This is why "necessity" or "exclusive" products do so well in network marketing. In the end, you must decide. 

Who Is Andrew Sinay?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I said I would tell you a few things about me. Who is Andrew Sinay? I'm not going to give you my life story, however, I'll give you some background on my business life.

In 1974, I started a Service Business in Southern California. Initially, I bought an existing business. However, I went on to start from scratch cleaning service businesses in Northern California, Central California and back in Southern California from 1991 onward, where I now reside.

In 2006 I started to focus on earning an income from network and affiliate marketing to build a residual income to help supplement a future retirement. That's where my "earning an income from the Internet" story starts at the top of this page. Prior to that, I didn't know how to use a computer not yet make a website like this one. Yes, I was a computer illiterate.

In late 2006, I joined a network marketing company and became one of its leaders earning a respectable income from it, mainly because I was at the right place at the right time. However, it closed its doors in 2008 which led me to a company that I worked for another two years, becoming it's #2 earner.

Also in 2006, I started an internet marketing team called A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team. I have used this as a platform to help educate other people interested in internet and network marketing and as a way of helping them find new customers for their business.

It is also an avenue to taking people to where they want to be in life. A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team primarily shows people how and where to market their network marketing business over the Internet so people call them about it.

I am an entrepreneur and as I said, I have successfully started many businesses from scratch and know what it takes to reach the top. I have also had quite a number of people working for me and know the value and importance of team work.

You will get all the support, tools and assistance you'll need for a successful business on my Team. I believe in keeping it simple and know that showing people is better than explaining.

The best way to reach me is by phone so feel free to call me and ask anything you wish. Don't feel intimidated or fearful, I'm just an ordinary hard working guy and I've never been much of a salesman, so you won't be "pitched".

I would love to meet and get to know you. Remember, success comes from imitating people who are successful. I hope you're having a terrific day.

Andrew Sinay
skype andrewsinay