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What is a business opportunity? Is the term business opportunities only applicable to network marketing companies? What is a good and legitimate business opportunity? Should you join more than one business opportunity?

Making money from the Internet, through an affiliate program or from multi level marketing is very difficult. Most people have two very important ingredients missing when they try; time and know how. If you only have a few hours a week to devote to building a business, you will probably fail. This is why the figure for failure is so high in my opinion.

Starting an online or network marketing business should be viewed in the same way as starting an offline business like a service company, a tax accountant or opening a store. Could you start those in just a few hours a week? Hardly, unless you have a lot of money to pay people to do it for you. Otherwise, you simply must put in the time.

What is the second reason people fail? They don't know what to do. Many have a sponsor who doesn't know what to do. And worse yet, they have a sponsor who knows what to do but doesn't help his down line to do it. As one recent 20+ year veteran put it in an email to me, "I realized I've been a lousy sponsor".

Let's face it. Most people have a full time job and the thought of coming home and working another 3-4 hours isn't very realistic. When is there time for the family? How do you keep motivated? How do you know if the Company will succeed or fail thus flushing all your efforts down the drain? Scary isn't it?

What I'm about to tell you will either break you or make you decide you can do this. It's important that you really reflect what I'm about to ask you, even discuss it with your family or a friend.


Most people are too afraid and they show this by conforming to what most everybody does, work for someone else.

What about you? Let me ask some serious questions that show what you'll need to succeed in starting your own direct sales business:

How much time will you really spend to earn this income?

Are you willing to spend time and money to market and advertise your business?

Are you willing to follow a leader or do things your way?

Do you have the right mind set for this? Or would you hate to talk to anybody about it?

How much do you believe in yourself?

What is your motivation? Have you figures that out yet?

Are you persistent? Or do you give up easily?

Write down or think about the answers to these questions and then compare them to what I believe you're going to need to succeed, listed below. In this case, we'll define success as earning an income to live off of.

You'll need about 2-3 hours a day or 15-20 hours per week.

You'll need to invest anywhere from $500.00 to $2,000. for marketing and advertising.

Doing things your own way is fine if they're proven methods that get results. Are you willing to listen and apply the direction of a network marketing leader?

Do you think of yourself as an entrepreneur business owner or as an employee?

Is your confidence in your ability to do this 100% or do you doubt yourself?

Is your motivation so strong that there is no other option but to succeed?

Are you the type that continues trying even when it looks like you are failing?

In my opinion, that's what it takes. It's really like being a very successful employee with a lot more risk. It's like being a saleman for a Company and getting paid commissions and no salary. Can you do that?

The up side to all of this is that the wealthiest people alive are self employed, entrepreneurs and business owners. And some of the greatest success stories are of people who are in mlm or network marketing.

Where else can you make so much from investing so little. So how can it work for you?

Basically, if you bring in a few of the right kind of people who bring in a few of the right kind of people, you're set. You may think, "I don't know any network marketers and if I did, I don't think they would be interested in joining anything under me". You don't need to know any network marketers.

Some of the most successful distributors in network marketing have been average people who see the dream and go after it head first. They believe in the products, the Company and its leaders and simply share it. True, not everyone can do that but what if you found someone who could?

Here's what you now need to do:

You must understand what to look for in a network marketing Company. Go here.

You must decide which network marketing Company is best for you? Go here.

You must use a marketing system to promote you and it. Here's a fore taste of what I offer.

In conclusion, earning an income through network marketing should take some serious fore thought, some deep research and some careful planning before you commit to it. I hope you act upon these words and consider their meaning. Please call with any questions or to discuss what else is involved. I have been making money online for years and will be happy to share my experience.
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