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From The Desk of Andrew Sinay of
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March 23, 2015

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What Is Escalation Network Marketing?
If you've ever had any experience with network marketing or mlm you know it is difficult to build up a team of net-workers so you can earn residual income. Difficult but not impossible. Here's why....
Too often people join a network marketing company and quit within three to four months. They may sponsor 3 to 4 people and barely make enough money not to go into a hole. So they quit and move on to some better latest greatest new thing to hopefully "replace their income" from a regular job. So goes the cycle. What's the real problem?

In the end, when looking back, it probably wasn't the company, it probably wasn't the products and it probably wasn't the comp plan that caused this dropping out; it was your time and money. Too much money out and not enough money in will cause any one to quit just from a common sense perspective. And the biggest problem is NOT getting enough people to join or customers to buy because you don't know how to get them. Yes. No one has shown you how to enroll people.

Escalation Network Marketing to the Rescue.

There are two things people have very little of these days and they are among the biggest reasons why people fail or drop out of network marketing: TIME and/or MONEY and Upline help. Wouldn't you agree?

The way to solve these two issues is for your sponsor to provide you with a free, simple and practical system for marketing and getting sign ups and initially, guiding you into an income opportunity that's exceptionally low priced so anyone can afford to join it and stay in it. Does this make sense? 
In a nutshell, that's what The Escalation Network Marketing Solution is all about. And we provide it all for you.

Here's How It Works!

The first step to success with any business opportunity is getting leads. So How Do You Get Them? By Using My Exclusive "A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team"
marketing website and newsletters. This Marketing System is always free and has a show you what to do way of getting you prospects, leads and sign ups. It has more value than most Team websites that charge you to use them.

The NEXT Step is to choose a network marketing company that is very low cost to join and very low cost to remain active. Most "leaders" ask you to follow them into high cost programs. Who can afford the $100-$150. a month auto-ships anymore? This is why "retention" is low in these.

The Escalation Network Starting Point:

Before I join anything, I research it. I want to know who owns it, is it financially solid and what are their Policies and Procedures. I also believe it should be an established business at least four years old. Often, this is when it starts to gain momentum and tons of people enroll.

So at this point, I'd like to know what interests you. What kind of network marketing company do you prefer? Here are some "types" for your consideration....

Free to try before you buy. You give the product away for free for people to experience. Products are International and digital with a market open to billions of internet users. Application is useful for any computer and any Smart Phone. It allows you to monetize social networking and advertise to over one million members.

The next company offers an inexpensive all natural and organic food product line . There's no cost to join and it's only $12.30 for auto ship with $2.95 shipping.

The next company has products for health and wellness and stands above all the rest for two very important reasons. First, it protects in members through Policies and Procedures you won't find in most NWM Companies. Second, this company stands out because its products are exceptional yet unusually low priced, sort of like an mlm walmart. If you're into consumable health products, you absolutely have to look into what this company has to offer.

What is the Goal Here?

Remember, the goal here is to earn an income on the very little or nothing out of pocket program so you can use your earnings to "escalate" to another or higher income earning program. The ladder of success starts with the first step. Are you ready to take the first step?

Then request more information about the above program or company you'd like to start with. To do so, fill in the form below. Be sure to select which kind of company you are interested in the Select a Choice box. You are not joining anything at this point. You are only requesting information about the income opportunity.

If you'd like to read my story and see what steps I have taken to "escalate" my income, go
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