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The Evolv Comp Plan is similar to most comp plans found in other network marketing companies like Monavie and Xango. Will you be able to make money with Evolv Health?
Successful network marketers know how to share success. Our success is transparent. We share with you how you can duplicate what we do and show you how to teach others to do the same. See how....
Andrew Sinay of A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Group has written this review of Evolv to help you consider whether it is a great mlm company to build long term residual income. Evolv has good financial backing, experienced executives through a merger with XOWII and some fantastic products. Which direction has Evolv Health now taken?
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What is the attraction to Evolv? Do the products work? Is Evolv growing or slowing down? Did Evolv get better or worse with its merger with Xowii?

I assume that you're here looking for quality information about Evolv Health, perhaps because you've heard some good things about it or
you're looking for the right network marketing company and team to join; it is my sincere desire to give you what you're looking for based upon my own experience of searching for the best network marketing companies. I'm very glad you're here.

Why Evolv? 
The truth is, there are dozens upon dozens of good network marketing companies to choose from. Is there a reason you should chose Evolv over them? Well think about this. When you're a full time network marketer, you must look for these important ingredients for a successful network marketing company, they're important.

There is a lot of time and money invested to be a successful network marketer. All of that time and money is lost if the company fails because it loses its investors or financial backers or simply fails as a business. Businesses can also slow down and not grow.

Evolv is not only well funded, it is profitable. And with the merger with XOWii, it looked like it was going through a growth spurt. Some very large Teams came aboard and this means they have confidence that Evolv is doing the right thing. However, some large teams also left.

Networkers know that without the proper Executive Leadership and without the proper Team leadership, an mlm will only do so good. How does Evolv stand up to this important test?

My suggestion here is to do the research. I saw a former Xowii owner who became a Evolv Distributor drop out. Not sure why, but not a good sign.

There are some fairly new mlm's out there and it doesn't surprize me that people hang on to them when I hear and read about all the troubles they are having. I've done it myself. But when I look back, it is very clear to see all the red flags. We ignore them thinking things will get better.

I'm here to tell you (from experience) that they usually don't. If you can't let go of an mlm because of the money you're earning and you know it's a matter of time before it goes under, I suggest you have a Plan B, another mlm to fall back on.

Is There A Evolv Buzz and Momentum?

If a company doesn't have a buzz and momentum about it, why not? If a network marketing company isn't growing and people aren't getting excited about it, why not?

The "buzz" associated with Evolv was that it's growing and expanding rapidly, that its products have gotten fantastic ratings from Brunswick Labs and that new leaders are coming on board now that they see Evolv as a stable company. Not sure if this is still true.

Anything negative to say about Evolv? Yes. I don't like binaries. Usually most of your volume is on one side and you don't get paid on it. Usually ends up in the company's hands when people drop out.

Thinking about joining Evolv Health? I'd say get ready for an uphill battle. There's a lot better bunch of companies out there.

To be contacted about Evolv by phone or email, please fill in the form below. See our Privacy Policy above under HOME. Or call Andrew Sinay at 951-805-8585 PST.

What's New With Evolv Health?
Coffee, that's what's new. Evolv Cafe coffee is now being offered by EvolvHealth. Check website for product details.

We are looking for customers who would like to try the xowwii.evolv products. You do not have to join as a Evolv Distributor to try the products.

Simply go to and click on shop, choose your country and then place your order. There's no obligation for autoship or future orders.

XOWii President Says
XOWii President James Christiansen says "some amazing things happening at XOWii come the new year... I think we are about to surprise a lot of people in the industry. This quarter and first quarter next year are going to be huge. Exciting times!"

He should know. He's running the show. Get a fore taste by coming to the Ignition Event in Anaheim at the Disneyland Hotel on November 6th.

See you there!

XOWii Free To Join Qualifications
XOWii is free to join up until the November 6th Ignition Event in Anaheim. How do you qualify for the free enrollment?

You must order 200 PV worth of product and use the special code onexowii in the promotion code box upon check out.

Why not come and see what all the excitement is about? Get into XOWii now.

Join XOWii For Free For Limited Time
You can join XOWii for FREE up until November 6th if you join and order 200 PV worth of product. If you were planning to join XOWii now is the time to do it. It's like getting $40.00 worth of product free.

If you join XOWii from now to the November 6th convention in Anaheim California, you can enroll without the membership cost (which is about $40.00). You need to use the xowii promo code: onexowii to get the special. When enrolling, you must order product. To qualify for this speical you must order 200PV or above.

To enroll with Teambuilders, go to

XOWii Distributors
How can you find a responsive,active and available distributor in XOWii? Perhaps you noticed the many XOWii websites that are back dated to late 2009 and early 2010 with NO current information or posts. Their links lead to no where. What if they were your XOWii Sponsor?

If you're looking for XOWii Distributors that are connected by an amazing Team, then look no further. In just six weeks, our Team has grown over 530%. Xowii had a 132% increase in signups last month and our Team no doubt contributed to that development.

What can our Team do for you? Copy and paste this into your address bar and see:

XOWii On A Roll
As I stated earlier, XOWii has been on a roll, adding to the steady momentum that has made it grow so quickly. There was an increase of 132% in sign ups last month with a 60% increase of those on "easy" ship.

Also, another new Group, the largest ever, is coming over to XOWii. They will be announced in a couple of days. What this shows is that XOWii is attracting large Teams and big netowrkers.

This is an excellent sign that XOWii is healthy and now is a great time to enroll.

You can enroll at

XOWii Article By The Direct Selling News
The Direct Selling News has featured XOWii in an article entitled, "XOWii: Providing The Power To Change Lives". The article shows how XOWii not only empowers people lives through their products but through their balanced comp plan.

You can read the article by clicking on the link below (or copy and paste it).

XOWii Blog
I noticed a lot of XOWii websites and blogs have posts and information from last year and only up to a certain month, almost as if the person writing them dropped out.

I currently have at least a couple of blogs going, including this one. The other blog is at

September was a good month for enrollments with XOWii. This was partly due to their free enrollment opportunity. But XOWii is worth joining even with the $39.95 enrollment fee.

Anything worth joining has a price. Take Costco for example. People save a lot of money because they're willing to pay a membership fee. Except with them you can't "make" any money like you can with XOWii.

XOWii has some excellent things going for it, like their enroll four and your product is free program. So don't hesitate to come aboard. You'll be glad you did.

XOWii Momentum
Xowii has their best week ever for enrollments and product purchased. Website views are up 80% this month. Why the Xowii excitement?

For one, you can enroll in Xowii for free until September 28th. When you enroll you must make a product purchase. That's a $40.00 savings.

And Teams like ours is exploding. We had over 150 new members this past month. And more is to come...growth in South America and new products released soon.

Come join us today.

Xowii Team Is Exploding!
Our Xowii Momentum is through THE ROOF! Just last week alone over 150 individuals joined our Team!!!

In this weeks video we show you how to share the Story Of XOWii very simply :

Share our amazing products and how you can get them for FREE, and show people how they can earn $1k-$5k in the FIRST 30 Days!

Bla Bla Blog Xowii
There's always plenty to say about Xowii. That's because Xowii has caught on fire and some major Teams have joined Xowii. Case in point: Xowii website traffic has been up over 80% in the last month.

I have put out a few words about Xowii and our Team, TeamXO and I wanted you to be able to find and read them easily, so I'm posting links to those blogs below:

My Space:
and also

Hope you enjoy reading them. Have a terrific day.

XOWii Announces New Comp Plan Feature
At XOWii we, along with key leaders from the field, are always looking at how to enhance your opportunity and ability to reach your goals. At our June Field Leadership Meeting, your advisory board agreed to two exciting Empowerment Plan enhancements.

The first has proven to be wildly successful and a paradigm shift for the way you do business. XOWii 4Free provides an answer to the key questions asked in deciding to join a network marketing opportunity: Can I do it? Can I make my money back? Can I get my product free? The answer is simple with XOWii 4Free: YES, it only takes 4!

The second was announced September 1st, 2010. Designed to encourage, increase and reward new enrollments and retail sales the Monthly Empowerment Pool is another game changer and takes effect today! Meant to replace the Retail Sales Pool, this new pool will create larger incomes for you and your team for doing the fundamental activities to promote growth - sponsoring and selling product retail.

Imagine joining XOWii as your first networking experience, earning over $500 in your first month through the normal commission plan and then being rewarded with an extra $1243 through this brand new pool? What about an extra $1632?? I am proud to say that those are two real scenarios that would have been paid for the month of August to distributors who just got started!!

A Quick Overview:

# The pool is 1.5% of Company CV, which is built throughout the calendar month, e.g., September 1 - 30 or January 1 - 31
# This pool replaces the current Retail Sales Pool
# Distributor ranks Active through Diamond are eligible to participate (Double Diamond and up will continue to participate in the leadership pool)
# The pool will be paid out as part of the first full commission week following the end of the month

To Participate:

* You must be active on at least 200PV and on autoship for at least 200 PV
* You must earn at least 10 shares during the month
* Shares can be earned in the following way:
o Retail sale
o New enrollment order
o For new enrollments, only the first order will be counted and that order must be part of the sign up process, i.e., have the $39 kit attached to it
o 50-99CV = .5 share
o 100-199CV = 1 share
o 200-299CV = 2 shares
o 300-399CV = 3 shares
o 400-499CV = 4 shares
o 500-599CV = 5 shares
o 600CV or more= 6 shares

Remember you must have at least 10 shares to qualify during the month, had the empowerment pool run during the month of August each share would have been worth $77! That's at least $777 just for qualifying!

XOWii Excitement Grows
XOWii owners Richard Kelly and James Christiansen just spent two weeks in South America working diligently to get Xowii opened in chile and Peru.

There's many networkers from those areas who have already joined XOWii and once we open there the expansion will be huge.

Our Team continues to grow here as we break ground with the XOWii Opportunity to many of our group. Soon a campaign will begin showing our Group the many benefits of coming into XOWii now.

What Am I Doing With XOWii?
To start Marketing XOWii, we've created one Marketing System which has several Lead Capture Pages with autoresponder messages already built in.

This is a big time saver as writing all these messages can be exhausting. A good marketing platform allows me to receive an email when someone opts in through the website form, contact them by phone and then allows a one touch follow up email.

The prospect also receives emails about XOWii and I can see through my back office if the email was received, opened and then viewed or any links were clicked on.

This helps determine the amount of interest and when a good time to follow up would be. To build a Team in XOWii, having the best tools are a must.

Here is a sample lead capture page. If you would like to see how the system works, please fill in the form on the website:

Andrew Sinay
951-805-8585 pst
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