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Where do you get or find free biz opp leads or free mlm leads? How do you create your own free leads? Are lead generation software tools like Lead Net Pro a good source for finding leads? Is there a way to get your leads to call you instead of you calling them?

First, what do we mean by "leads"?

Just any leads can be useless. What if they are insurance leads and you're trying to sell an e-book on marketing? Leads need to be specific to what you're doing. What about free biz opp leads for those looking to get prospects to join your income opportunity?

Since there are so many income opportunities, what you're in may not appeal to another income opportunity seeker in the least. So, even free biz opp leads may or may not be the best leads for you. Let me explain.

What you want are leads specific to your income opportunity or product. Is your product in health or beauty or does it offer a cell phone service or an attorney service? Better yet, wouldn't leads be better if they were looking for your business opportunity or searching the Internet for your particular product; yes, of course.

How can you get such leads and better yet, how can you get them to call you instead of you having to call them? To do this you must have a lead capture website or blog with an "opt-in" form added to it. Does your company provide one?

Here'san example of a lead capture page that I put together on my About Us page. This gives people an opportunity to request specific information about our services.

Having your own lead capture page is better than the company's LCP because you can provide more specific information and give your reader a reason they should contact you.

Plus your own lead capture page shows your involvement with the Company, it personalizes your experience with it and you can design it to give a lot of information and also show what else the prospect will find out if they fill in the form.

In some cases, these leads will actually call you and ask for more information right away because you obviously are involved and have experience. That's what you want. However, calling leads you get is also a good idea. Why wouldn't you?

Not all of these leads join your income opportunity. However, they become a part of your "list" and you can develop a relationship with them through email marketing. But for the most part, initially, these are people who have heard about your income opportunity and they are doing some research on the Company and perhaps on you as their potential sponsor. How will you come across to them?

What may happen if you call these leads? Much of the time leads leave no or fake phone numbers, do not answer, have no voice mail or do not return your calls. What can you do? Two things. Tell them what you want them to do. The easiest thing to tell them is to go to your blog (it should be all about YOU). Two, your lead capture system should have an autoresponder built into it and you can send them emails. What should you tell them?

You should tell them all there is to know about the company you're in and do it in small doses. Do not write lengthy emails no one has time to read. If you have a blog, articles or another website to show them, direct them to those links. Always tell them why they should go to the link and how they will benefit. Traffic to your blog helps it get ranked.

How will these prospects respond to you? It depends on what you know, how you come across and ultimately, how sold they are on your product or opportunity. Your main job is to answer questions so know your company and product well.

In some cases, you can actually help the person decide what to do by relaying your experience or story with a degree of excitement without sounding like a bunch of hype. Direct them to the company "tools", webinars, calls,websites and your upline/team.

Is there another way to get free leads or free business opportunity leads?

Yes, you can join Orangeleads for free and get all the biz opp leads you want for free. In fact, the people who use Orangeleads are potential leads as well. What do I mean? How do you use Orangeleads?

Orangeleads has real business opportunity leads. How good are they? Once you take them they're removed from the system and no one else can use them. You can take as many leads as you want.You are not limited to one a day. Just take what you can use and initially offer them something free. Don't pitch them your Biz Opp.

Second of all, you can post an ad once a day in a lower box in your back office. The ad shows up in the top boxes on the back office and keep in mind you are advertising to real network marketers who come to Orangeleads everyday to get free leads. You don't need a banner to advertise, just write text and place in the ad your URL to your lead capture page or Biz Opp page. I got a sign up the first day I did it. Use a banner if you have one.

Thirdly, you can place an ad that shows to everyone in your downline. The ad will show up to the left of their name and Orangeleads details box. So for everybody you give this free leads tool to and joins, they will log in and see your ad for your Biz Opp...so the more you sign up, the merrier.

You can also use Orangeleads to offer anyone considering joining your biz opp by saying, "If you join me in (your biz opp name), I'll give you all the free leads you want." This may be just the incentive they need to join with you instead of someone else. It would help if you use the leads and find that they work. That way you can say "they work for me". There are a lot of testimonials in the Orangeleads back office that they work.

Here's another system you can tap into for free that can generate free leads forever. It's called Free Lead System Forever.

What about The Lead Net Pro System? First of all it's not free service. It costs $397.00 to tap into the software and $19.95 a month. $300.00 of that goes to the person who enrolls you. Will the LNPS get you "free" leads?

Basically what the System does is "scrape" the Internet for people's names and email addresses. I post mine so I've become a "lead" of dozens of LNPS users. Am I really a lead?

No, not really. I didn't request these people to call or email me so basically, in my opinion, I'm getting Spam emails all asking me a very similar question: "Are you still involved with (name of mlm) and how's that going for you? I'd like more information." (so when you respond to my email, I can pitch Lead Net Pro to you). Really?

If you use the System to call people, that might be a benefit. But it depends on how you handle that call. Most people don't call because they're too afraid. I wouldn't recommend the LNPS.

In summary, getting mlm leads to call you requires you to brand yourself as a person these prospects will trust and respect, call for advice or to get your opinion or for more information about the business opportunity.

I feel one of the best ways to brand yourself, build your list and promote your opportunity is by giving away a free home page that has immense value.

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MLM Lead Secret # 7.

When you sign up for those 10 Free Lead offers or Sample Packs, you are signing yourself up as a Lead!

Here's some of the secrets that most MLM Lead Retailers don’t want to know or find out. Hopefully, this information will help save you some trouble and some money.

MLM Lead Secret # 1.

Most leads are simply not as current as the Company claims!

Many lead retailers claim they are selling you 5, 15, or 30 day old leads. What they forget to tell you is that MOST of the Lead Retailing Companies have bought the leads "wholesale" from a few lead "suppliers".By the time leads reach you, the end client, they could be twice even three times the age the company claims! Seen signs like this?

MLM Lead Secret # 2.

Lead retailers may claim your leads are exclusive. Are they?

Many fly-by night Lead retailers will claim your leads are exclusive to you, that nobody else will have that persons contact information. This may be true if you're the first person to get the leads, however, they are resold to some unsuspecting person who doesn't know better. So you may get these leads after several people have already worked them and the response is often less than you would like.

MLM Lead Secret # 3.

Don't be surprised to hear the lead was never interested in a home based business opportunity

This happens all the time. It stems from a process called “Co-Registration” And millions of leads are generated this way everyday. Let’s say for example you made a product purchase online. You bought some Avon products. At some point during your purchase they will probably ask you several questions like “Would you like to receive more information on similar products?” or “Would you be interested in receiving offers from our partners?”

Many people will click YES and guess what? They just unknowingly became a business opportunity seeking lead for any company selling Avon related or household products. Hence why so many of them have no idea why you're calling them. They were just online looking for cheap deals!

MLM Lead Secret # 4.

Where Lead Retailers really make their money is in selling you a “prospecting system” with a monthly reoccurring

They hope to rope you into a monthly charge promising to send you a set amount of leads every day, week or month. But guess what? They have several other clients subscribing as well. They simply re-distribute their old leads. Someone has them for one week and then guess who gets them the next. These leads could change hands as many as ten times during any given month.

MLM Lead Secret # 5.

There are only so many people looking for a new business at one time.

Contrary to what they want you to believe there really is NOT millions and millions of people looking for online or work at home business opportunities. Be wary of companies that are blasting your ad to Millions of leads or selling a CD with 80 Million names and email addresses. It’s all thesame people over and over again. Their
information is simply bought, used and then sold again.

MLM Lead Secret # 6.

There are only a handful of “Lead Generators” so everyone else is simply buying wholesale and then selling them to you!

It’s true! There really is only a handful of actual Lead Generators online. They then sell their leads to the retailers who turn them around and sell them to you. The problem with this is When that wholesaler sells their leads to the retailer they can still sell that list to 5 -10 Other lead retailers as well! And then those Lead retailing companies turn around and sell each of those leads to 5 or 10 of their customers. Guess what? You just found out why cold calling leads sucks!

How To Get Free Leads
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This is the dirtiest of all their tricks. There are several companies out there that have offers such as this. They want you to signup for a Free trial or Sample Pack of their business opportunity leads.This is just another sneaky
way for these companies to generate some more inventory. Don’t forget to read the fine print. You may have agreed to let them sell your information about 5 – 10 times.

Buying leads is usually not the best idea since many of these leads have been sold over and over again. See The 7 MLM Lead Secrets below.