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People want more than answers and "how to" information about marketing on the Internet these days. They want to be shown what to do and why they should do it.

The links to the right are real effective methods to successful Internet marketing. What kind of results should you expect? People will be calling you either to ask you questions about your business or to join it. What could be better?
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Want to start a home based business? Is a work at home based business easy to start? What kind of home based business work is available and how much money can you make doing it?

First of all, don't plan on making a lot of money, not yet anyway. Working from home is very rewarding but it's not for everyone. Is it for you? Could you start a home based business in your spare time.? You must decide if you want to work AT home or FROM home.

Working at home seems like the best choice, after all, you don't have to drive anywhere. And with the Internet and computers, it seems this would be the ideal place or thing to do. Just realize that a lot of people feel the same way and being able to have a home based business like this is very difficult and initally very time consuming.

Let's face it. Most people have a full time job and the thought of coming home and working another 3-4 hours isn't very realistic. When is there time for the family? This is why there are many stay at home moms who start and become work at home moms. In fact, there's a group of women who make up www.wahm.com

NOT EVERYONE CAN START A BUSINESS AND WORK FOR THEMSELVES. Most people are too afraid and they show this by conforming to what most everybody does, work for someone else. So can you or a spouce do it in their spare time?

Perhaps you have a neighbor or friend who never seems to work and they are trying to gewt you to join their "income opportunity" or network marketing company. Should you? Is this a good way to start a home based business?

Work at home based businesses require a lot of self discipline, determination and persistence. But mostly they take time and money. Sometimes people spend a ton of money and end up with nothing. How can you avoid that from happening to you.

This website is designed to help you not make the same mistakes most "newbies" make. They join a network marketing company; buy hits or leads, even join co-ops to get sign ups and end up with a few not interested leads. Don't get sucked into the vicious cycle!

Let me share what I have learned to help you out. You may think you know what to do or look for but you probably don't. Unless you've been through it before and even so, that may have been back "then" and not any time current. Here's an extremely important point to learn up front:  THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, MAGIC WANDS OR GET RICH QUICK SYSTEMS OR PROGRAMS. Don't fall for the HYPE!

The quickest way to financial success is through hard work and that means it won't come easy or fast. Who are you kidding? Do you really think you can make 5 figures a month in a few months? I'm not saying it can't happen because it does, but it rarely does. What should you expect?

The answer is simple: You get out what you put in....if you're fortunate! Sometimes you put in and put in and put in again and get very little back as I mentioned above. So what can change that? How do you really have a home based business that earns you enough income to live off of?


Do you know how many people join a network marketing without calling or knowing anything about the sponsor they choose? Do you know how many times people choose the same sponsor over and over again knowing he doesn't help that much anyway?

Some people think choosing a sponsor "near them" or that answers the phone and answers their questions is the "right" sponsor. This may help, but what should you look for in a network marketing sponsor? Someone who helps you out for free! What do I mean by "helps you out?"

Some sponsors offer "co-op's" where they advertise with a group's money to get you sign ups. Other's offer a "Powerline" website where you pay a monthly fee to be in a "url rotator" where your website comes up occasionally while the sponsor advertises or marketing the Powerline Website for you. Do these work?

There's so many factors involved to know which will and which won't. How many people are in the co-op or powerline? Since "chance" is involved, will one person get more leads or sign ups than another? What kind of lead or sign up will you get? In my opinion, this is not the best way to spend your money. In fact, why should you spend any money at all on these things and why doesn't the sponsor offer them for free?

There are far better ways to get leads and sign ups and better ways to spend your money. I show you how to do this through my "Marketing System", free to all those who join under me in my business. I also provide a free position in a "url rotator" for anyone who is willing to work their business. I show you how to get leads and sign ups for free and how to go after real network marketers. This is the way it should be.

I also explain to you what to look for in a network marketing company. After all, if the company fails in a few months or years, where does that leave you as far as income goes? You want a network marketing "home", a Company you can easily see will succeed. Again, this is why you need a mentor.

So what makes a good home based business? Will a work at home based business be right for you? You can decide for yourself and you can also hop from company to company like a kangaroo thinking "this is the one". Or you can take the advice of an expert, an experience network and Internet marketer who can show you what he does as proof and provide evidence of a marketing system that you can use for free? The choice is yours.

To learn about Andrew Sinay of A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Group, Go HERE.

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