I'm looking to work with real people who want to find a permanent Network Marketing Company "home". People who want an ethical Company that clearly stands above all the rest for these good reasons:

its distributor retention rate is above 75% with monthly orders

its policies and procedures state they won't ever change the comp plan

it gives commissions without sponsoring through all 10 levels

it pays up to a 100% match for all those you personally sponsor

its product prices are very low and are even cheaper when you buy 3, 7 or 20

its auto-ship is only $22.00, it's only $33.00 to join and you get one product
it pays 65% for Fast Starts and Advancement Pack purchases bought any time

The Company launched in 2010 and is already in 20 Countries, so no need to wonder if it will "make it". It's debt free and they own the 60,000 Sq. Ft. building in Utah they are in. I have felt comfortable telling people I know about this company and their products. I haven't felt that way about ANY company. How about you? Have you held back from saying anything to people you know because the company wasn't established, the products were too expensive or it required sponsoring people?

Currently we offer 11 nutritional products that are like what other top nutritional companies sell. But there's one big difference. We manufacture the products to be as good as or better than anything on the market and we sell them for less than other NWM Companies. How many NWM Companies do you know with products as low as $12.50? Our "testimonial hotline" confirms their value in real people's lives. Have you ever felt bad about offering a great product because it was priced too high? Have you had to say, "I'll let you have it at my cost"? Now you won't have to.

We know how to make money working at home. We've been doing it for many years. I'm now looking for network marketers who have had it with mlm start ups, non supportive sponsors and upline, worthless "Team" websites and sponsoring techniques, commission drops because of changes with compensation plans and comp plans that are confusing, require sponsoring or "leg" balancing acts and have very difficult steps to rank advance. You deserve better than that for all your hard work.

Really, what works? Our Company works because the focus is not on its owner getting rich. Our Company works because it is debt free with great customer service. Our company works because its P. & P.'s actually state the company "is committed to continuing in business; not selling the company, not changing to a retail company and not changing the compensation plan". It's also what the P. & P's don't say that counts. Ever been terminated from an mlm because you "talked" about another company to someone in the company? Or because they found out you were in another NWM company? It happens more than you know. That won't happen to you in my "home". Shouldn't the P. & P.'s protect the people who work so hard to build it? Shouldn't a network marketing company bring honor to the Industry rather than give it a bad reputation?

About The Comp Plan:

It's a unilevel, 3 X 10 Matrix. On the surface it pays out 40%. However, you also get a 25%-50%-75%-100% match as a Silver, Gold, Ruby or Diamond from the matrix earnings of all personally sponsored.  If you don't qualify for a Rank because your Group Volume is too low, you can purchase a Product Package that instantly qualifies you for 1 year. That is huge folks. 1st Level Fast Starts are 50%. 2nd level is 15%. No matter when someone you sponsor purchases a package, you and your sponsor get the Fast Start Bonuses. The highest personal volume required is 60 PV ($66) for Ruby and Diamond and their volume requirements are only 4000 and 12,500. Because of the Advancement Packs, you can earn up to $100K with no sponsoring.

About Our Marketing Team:  (Available To You and Everyone Else in Your Downline)

​​Our Exclusive Team Marketing System, Password Protected Team Website and Our Newsletters have been updated and now show you in detail how to sponsor more people than ever before. For example, we show you how to use free ads, free safelists and social networks to get people enrolled or buy products. We also provide how to market instructions and choices if you have one, two or four hours to market your business. You also gain access to other upline team sites that provide similar assistance. Which Team and Sponsor you chose is just as important as which company you chose.

​​If you'd like more information on the company, comp plan, and products by receiving an email with a link to video's that explain everything, fill in the form below. If you'd like to talk with me personally about this "home", call Andrew Sinay at 951-805-8585. For best results in reaching me, send a text first asking if I'm available. The sooner you get in the more of a chance there will be of you getting spillover. We know some of you already have a "home" and others may not be ready right now, I understand. For the rest of you I would be delighted to help you in finding a network marketing home.

If you're already in a "home", I'm happy for you and best wishes to you. However, if you're ready to "go to work" on a business you'll be proud to share and represent, then call me or fill in the form to the right and I'll contact you. Thank you for your time.
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New Zealand, ​​Norway, Paraguay, Phillipines, Russia, Singapore,
South Korea, Thailand, Togo II, Trinidad and Tobago, U.K., USA​