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Income Opportunity  | Income Opportunities
What does the term "income opportunity" usually mean?  What should you know about income opportunities before you join them? What is the difference between a real income opportunity and a potential scam or pyramid scheme?

An income opportunity is usually another label for an mlm, network marketing company or direct sales company. Some people believe all mlm's are scams, pyramid schemes and are illegal. This is simply not true. Some companies like Amway,  Arbonne and Melaleuca have been around for decades and are well known successful mlms

The ultimate goal of most network marketing companies is to become "the next billion dollar company". This is not easy to accomplish and requires quite a few of the right features about it for this to happen. What are some of these "right features" to look for in an mlm?

Here's what we look for and you should look for in an income opportunity before you join it:

1. Who Owns It?

If you don't know, don't join. If you can't find out anything on the Internet about them, proceed only if someone you highly trust recommends them. They will be your boss. If there's any red flags associated with their name, don't ignore them. Even if a person has "changed" you still have to deal with people finding out about the negative stuff in their background. Do you want to do that?

If there seems to be a "one man show" running the company, this is not a good sign either. Listen to any calls or webinars and see if there's hype, that it sounds too good to be true or that you they tell you you don't have to do anything or have to recruit, recruit, recruit. This doesn't make for a good mlm.

2. Is The Company Well Financed?

Some companies never get off the ground because they lack major financing. Some companies start off with capital and if the company grows fast and a lot of income comes in early, it could survive for a while. But if it doesn't do this, it could fizzle out rather quickly.

Look to see who the executives are and how many there are. Are products ready or are they going to use the funds from a pre-launch to pay for the products? Do they ask for "Founders" to pay additional money or a lot of money? Don't do it!

Will they fly you in to "interview" you about joining the mlm? Has a great deal of money already been invested (website, branding, products, packaging, promotional tools) from the very beginning? Look at what's there, not what's promised to get a sense of the finances. Always ask a ton of questions..

3. What Is The Flagship Product(s)?

Is the product a "me too" product?  Is the product only e-books? Run. Are there a lot of products at first? You'll have to advertise them all - that can get expensive. Are they everyday usable products or health supplements people can't live without? Are they physical products or does the company offer a service?

Service mlm's are becoming more popular these days, like home energy, cpa, doctor calls and health coverage. Does the service replace a cost you already have (like cell phone, gas or electricity? That's good.  Is joining affordable? This is extremely important. People don't want to shell out $500 to join unless the product can save them at least that much or sell like hotcakes on a Sunday morning.

Most people don't like joining fees, start up kits and marketing tools they won't use. If the kit or package is all products, this can be better as long as it's not a boat load you'll never use or sell. Don't buy business cards until you've tried the products and gotten positive feedback from others.

4. Where Is The Company and Can You Get a Hold of Them?

If there's no contact number or physical address or location, don't join. Make sure you know the guarantee and what you must do to cancel. Is there a restocking fee? If the company is out of the country in which you live, Google Map the location. Make sure it's an office and not a PO Box, home or nothing! You're better off joining a company that is founded in the country you live if there's shipping involved with the products. 

5. How Is The Company "Branded"?

Does the company website look like a promise of wealth; cars, boats and mansions with hype on the first page? Does it have dollars increasing each second? Is there a push to get in before such and such time passes? Forget it! This website represents YOU. What message does it send to those that see it? Does it look like a Fortune 500 Company or a Company you'd be "Fortunate" to make $500 with?

6. Will The Company Endure?

You may not be sure of knowing if a Company will last, but you should have a feel for it. Some leaders are in one Company and then another every one or two years. They know the Company will "peak" and weaken and they move on to the next "quick buck". Don't follow these "leaders". Look for a Company with all the ingredients listed here and stick with it. If you can't make money in it, then perhaps you need to learn how to market on the Internet or an "income opportunity" is not for you.

7. Is The Comp Plan Fair and Balanced?

Some Comp Plans are in the Company's favor, sort of like casino's. A balanced Comp Plan will have a way to earn money quickly up front and it will be easy to qualify for rank advancement. It won't "punish" you if you have a slow month or don't produce as much volume. A great Pay Plan is when you can earn as much as someone who joined early. The simplier the comp plan the better.

You don't want "flushing" , "breakage" or "point values" attached to volume so that $1.25 in sales equals $1.00 commissionable volume. That .25 cents goes to the Company. Find out how much the Company pays out of their income and make sure you don't have to sign up 3 to 4 people to qualify for all levels of income.

8. Don't Join Because You Think Everyone Will Want To Do This

The truth is there is no mlm or income opportunity for everyone. Everyone has a cell phone; everyone has to eat; everyone drinks now when an opportunity comes along that offers something special or different with one of these, you think it must be hot. Don't. It's not that simple. However, if it seems like almost everyone IS joining, that's a good one to consider (as long as it's not free). Just be sure the other features are there as well.

In conclusion, quite simply, you should be passionate about the unique product. You should love working for the company and the owner and feel you would be happy to present them even to friends and family. Lastly, you should be paid fairly and well even if you only do small things with the Company. Don't settle for less. You really can make money with an income opportunity.

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How To Sponsor One Person a Day
How To Build and Maintain a Team

Quick Guide to Finding a Great Income Opportunity

1. Try to stay away from mlm start-ups. Most of them fail within 2 years.
2. If you choose to join a billion dollar mlm, know that you may be able to build a team but will people you enroll be able to?
3. An mlm a few years old that's entering a "momentum" stage is usually a good mlm to join during the momentum.
4. Don't pass on an mlm because of the type of comp plan it has. It's not what kind that matters, it's how well it pays out that matters. It should be understandable.
5. Ideally, the mlm has an exclusive product no one can duplicate or it's a "first to market" product.
6. Ideally, the product is already in use by most people or people consume it daily.
7. Make sure the owner is fair, likable, humble and reasonable.
8. If you join an mlm, the biggest choice you make is with who and which team. Make sure you like your sponsor, they are easy to get a hold of and you enjoy talking to them. Some sponsors can act like slave drivers!
9. Don't join an mlm at the highest package unless you know what you're doing. Don't think a higher entry rank will mean anything unless you know how to sponsor at least a dozen people.
10. Don't fall for sponsors who promise to put people under you. Why do they need you if they're going to put people under you?
11. Don't think that the master distributor or high ranking distributor is the best person to enroll under. They're glad to have you but they usually don't have time to help you.

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