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What are the best income opportunities? Are some income opportunities scams? Which income opportunities are legitimate?

The term income opportunity applies to many different ways of making money. The most common application of the term is to making an income through network marketing companies or mlm's (multi level marketing).  Is network marketing legal or are mlm's scams?

To a number of people, mlm's are scams. Other's feel that network marketing companies are as American as apple pie and quite legal. The truth is, they ARE legal and there's quite a few successful ones. Who hasn't heard of Avon, Mary Kay, NuSkin, Arbonne, Melalueca, Shaklee and Amway?

Do mlm's or network marketing companies have a good reputation? It depends, but for the most part, NO. Too many people say I tried that and it didn't work for me; Never again, some say. And a common statistic that flies around the Internet states that 97% of all people who get into network marketing FAIL. Is that really true?.

So no wonder it has a bad rap. So many new network marketing companies try to distance themselves from this past  image or from traditional network marketing. Yet, there are thousands of people everyday going on the Internet to join an mlm income opportunity. Should you?

If you read through the pages I have on this website, you will find I don't pull any punches; I tell it like it is. I believe people should be informed because from my own personal experience I can tell you it is one big greedy money sucking world of "opportunities" out there. Don't get caught in the "web".

Additionally, there are numerous income opportunities that turn out to be blatant scams. They pull in a large membership and "run with your money". One company the Government shut down scammed in over 300 million dollars before it was axed and the government doesn't always come to your rescue. Sometimes the owner of a scam income opportunity just shuts things down and your stuck with nothing.

The other dilemma is that an income opportunity is legit but it simply fails because it is not well funded, it has poor leadership, the product never arrives or doesn't have mass appeal or it has a company favored comp plan (sort of like the Casino's in Vegas).

So are there good network marketing companies and are they really an income opportunity? Yes there are and you would be wise to follow some advise about what to look for in finding the best income opportunity.

Here's what you now need to do:

You must understand what to look for in a network marketing Company.

You must decide which network marketing Company is best for you?

You should use a marketing tool or system to promote you and it. I'll show that to you later.

Is the Best Income Opportunity a New Network Marketing Company?

Is Getting In On The "Ground Floor" of An Income Opportunity the Best Choice?

Occasionally as an Internet Network Marketer, I hear about "a ground floor" income opportunity before most people or even before it pre-launches because of relationships I've made over the years.

Getting in early or on the ground floor of what some call "the best income opportunity" should be a great way to "hit it big" right? Absolutely not. Getting early information may help you to get the word out first, get some ads, articles and placements on the Internet before others but what good is that if nobody finds it because the Company isn't successful or never gets started. Unfortunately this happens more than you may realize, about 95% of the time within 3 years.

There was a Company called Our Power Forced Matrix that I knew about. Members were in deep anticipation of a great start with great "placement" in a forced matrix only to find in time, the owner skipped out on everybody. It was a total scam. The ground floor ended up being its burial ground. I'd hardly say that was a "great position" to be in.

Then there was "More Than Traffic". An elaborate website was produced to make marketers believe the "More Than Traffic System" would not just get them traffic to their website, but guaranteed them "sales", a hundred thousand dollars worth in a matter of months. It too was a total scam and it too took a lot of peoples money before it was exposed. Again, getting in early only meant you were among the many individuals you got totally scammed.

Another example was Ad Surf Daily. It looked like it was investing people's money and people were led to believe they were paying for "advertising" when in fact the government closed down ASD and confiscated over 56 million dollars. That's a lot of money people laid down and many who got in early kept returning their money to the "system" to try to make even more. Bad choice. The "ground floor" turned out to be a bunch of hype as it is in most cases.

Finally, there was Zeek Rewards. I had a ton of people telling me to get into Zeek. But it sounded too much like ASD and wouldn't believe it would last. It came crashing down in August 2012 and has been labeled as the biggest Ponzi Scheme of all time, involving over a million people and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, there's more. Almost everyday there's some new "money run", some so called income opportunity where all you have to do is join and you'll make money with lines like, "No sponsoring required", "No selling", "Passive Income" and "Fully Automated Cash Machine". They all say the same thing. "Give us your money, do nothing, get paid!"

Folks, there is no business where you can do nothing and get paid. If there were, everyone would do it. If they did all the work, why would they need YOU? Sorry, money does NOT grow on trees or spit out of your computer monitor...

There is no such business offline in the "real" world, why would there be such a thing in cyber-space? You don't make an income from doing nothing anymore than can you start a business and not spend any money to make it work.. Don't be fooled and don't be foolish!

And don't waste your money on income opportunities that have no products, their products are readily available elsewhere on the Internet, like downloads or so called automated "prosperity" systems that ask for large sums of money. It probably is a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand, if you know what to look for in a real income opportunity, then getting in "early" can be like getting a head start before everybody else. Yes it is possible to really get in on the "ground floor" of a good income opportunity. But when could the "ground floor" be? And what should you look for in  finding the best income opportunity?

How To Know If It's The Best Income Opportunity:

Business and Income Opportunity websites are often full of promises and hype that has caused many searchers of additional monthly income to seriously doubt their validity or legitimacy. And you should feel that way, after all there is so much money grabbing garbage on the Internet, it will make your head spin.

So when a really good income opportunity gets presented to you, you may not respond because of a previous bad experience with a Company that went belly up or turned out to be a scam. This is where experience and discernment from someone who knows how to pick the best income opportunity would be a big help. But who has such experience?

Unfortunately, there are far too many income opportunity "advisers", "scam predictor's", "rip off reporters", "I'll help you to market, build your down line, give you spillover" sponsors and opportunity "experts" all too willing to tell you NOT to join business A, B or C but recommend business D, which they just happen to be a part of and are "advising" you to join. You still need to be careful.

Seriously and based on my personal experience, here's what you really need to know.

Does the business or income opportunity have a legitimate product? Keep in mind the FTC states categorically that this in itself does not make a Company legitimate. The product does not have to be a physical product like a health or skin care supplement. It could be a "virtual" product like games or software.

Is the product something exceptional or a totally break through product? Is it a "first to market" product or is it a "me too"product? If you didn't make a dime from promoting or selling the product, do you think you can still "believe" in it, even continue buying or using it as a customer? That's good!

Think about this:  isn't it usually best to use or try the product first before you try to sell it?  Is it really "sell-able" and does it have a fairly good mass appeal? Is it practical? Is it reasonably priced or over priced? Would you personally benefit from its use? Would you be excited to share it? Seriously, if not, why would you want to sell it?

For example, cell phones are sell-able and have mass appeal. However, would most people change to an "unknown" Company? Would they worry about quality and service with a "Network Marketing Cell Phone Company"? Could they "get out of" their present contracts without penalties? What if the Company goes belly up, what then for service?

Yes, it may be sell-able and have mass appeal but will it be practical? Can a small company really compete with the "big boys"? Yet many people have flocked to these cell phone service companies and I've seen many of them fail.

What about the Company and its owners? Are they known and what is their reputation? Do an Internet search on them. Has the business or Company been around or is it brand new? Is it stable and financially well backed? Do you know where its located? What kind of branding does it have? What impression do you get from the Company website or their product?

Who's recommending it to you? Is there a contact number, a terms and conditions and policy's and procedures posted? Have you tried to contact customer support by email or phone and got an answer or a live person?

Does it even have support and a customer service number? Who's joining it? Google the name of the product or Company and see if there's a lot of sponsored ads for it or "organic listings". If it's popular, there will be a lot of Internet Marketers promoting it. Are there?

How long has it been open for business? Who make up the "executive team" and investors? Most experienced network marketers wait one or two years for companies to "prove themselves" before they join. Can you learn from their example?

Let's use a current popular business many people tried to recruit me into, even calling and emailing me asking me to join them. It was called Zeek Rewards. For all appearances sake, Zeek members gave the impression that it was legitimate and the owner, Paul Burks, trust worthy.

Through my own investigation and research (this is what you must always do) I discovered Zeek Rewards  was a Ponzi Scheme. Shortly thereafter, in August, 2012 the Government closed down Zeek Rewards. It's been in the mlm news ever since. Funny, many told me Zeek Rewards was the best income opportunity they were ever in!

Don't be misled by "easy", "small", or "one time investments" with promises of large returns on your money. Be especially leery if the Company doesn't allow you to advertise it or wants you to "keep things quiet" giving you some cheesy excuse why.

Another example we can learn from is Web Prosperity. Again, a lot of hype and information was written on it. Supposedly over 100K people joined it (for free) before it launched. Problem was, nobody knew exactly what they were getting. When they finally realized it wasn't what they thought, I believe a lot of people never paid to join and I'm sure many people dropped out once they realized what it was all about. It failed.

Don't join something just because a lot of other people are. Often what is being touted as the best income opportunity on the Internet, is just some same old recycled version of a past failure.

When an income opportunity says it is easy to market (97% fully automated for example), quick to give you money and that you'll make a lot of it in a short period of time, it is usually some version of a scam. Never join something or buy something that teaches you how to market on the Internet without talking to someone you trust and has experience in these matters.

This is usually a ploy to suck you in because new and inexperienced income opportunity seekers don't know how to do it and these scammers know it. Even if it is a legitimate marketer selling real marketing secrets, realize that it's just information and many people never apply what they learn. Would you?

To make money with a legitimate income opportunity, you must build your business just like an off line business. This will take time, money, persistence and lots of hard work. Do you have the time for that? Who can you get to join after you? How will you get them? Will they stay in after they join? Does the network marketing company offer tools for you to market it with? Do you know how to market?

Another matter you need to consider is what do you understand about the compensation plan? What are the practical numbers and what does signing people up mean for your pocketbook? Are you really going to make any money with it? Will you even break even? Can your sponsor tell you where you'll be "placed" and what that means to you? How many people must you sponsor to make a profit? Can you make a retail profit from selling the products?

Here are my suggestions for answering the door when the best income opportunity is knocking:

1. Choose the income opportunity that you'll get excited about, benefit from the use of the product and feel confident there will be others who will feel the same as you. Ask around to see what others think, possibly before you join it or during a "free" trial period or pre-launch. Try the products before you join if you can or become a customer first.

2. Make sure the Company and owners are well reported on and that the likelihood of its success because of solid financial backing is long term. If there's a doubt or some "red flags", it will probably come back to bite you in the long run. (You may make some money but if the Company closes down even two years later, all your time invested in it is wasted and your income is lost so you must start over).

3. "Interview" your potential sponsor. Ask for negatives, weaknesses and problems about the program. Do you like the potential sponsor? Is he available when you need him/her? How can he help you?

4. Ask how your sponsor can help you to market your business and get traffic to your website? If he has no time or ideas then keep looking.

5. Can you afford the program? In addition to joining costs, ask how much you may need to spend to get people signed up through advertising and marketing? How much is the "auto-ship"? How many people must you sign up to "break even"?

6. When it comes to the comp plan, how many people do you need to sign up to make a profit and how many do you need to enroll to make the the kind of money you're looking for? Do you think you can get that many people signed up and is the program good enough to keep those people in it?

7. Always ask, "Is there anything else I should be asking about this program or business"? An honest sponsor will inform, educate and convey what you need to know before you join, not after.

Don't follow a sponsor in everything he joins unless he's your twin brother or has proved himself useful and cooperative. Branch out, perhaps you'll find the best new income opportunity ever, join it and recruit your sponsor in it.

8. Do not join any network marketing company that has no owner, phone number, support or location listed. Do research before you join, not after. If the website looks like a five year old made it, be cautious. Scams arise about once a week.

I've been involved in network marketing long enough to know that it is difficult, time consuming and lots of hard work to make the income that can come from an opportunity. Yet, to receive long term residual income is well worth the effort.

So is there one network company that is the best income opportunity? Quite honestly, no. Opinions and reasons vary.

There are so many "income opportunities" to choose from it can make your head spin. In the end, the best income opportunity is the one YOU choose because you absolutely love it and the products.

It is the one you get very excited about and love to share it, just like a great movie or restaurant.  It's the one you've researched, found all the right ingredients and more than likely it's been around for several years.

Which do I think is the best of all income opportunities? Call me I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

 best income opportunities