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Internet Marketing That Does Not Work and Why
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Want to know what internet marketing does not work and why? Want to avoid wasting time and money on internet marketing and advertising that just won't work? Then read this now.

There are two important things you must realize about what makes internet marketing work: Timing and Tracking. Marketing has a lot to do with timing and what your results are has a lot to do with tracking.

If you're not tracking your ads and emails, you won't know what is working or what isn't, unless you only advertise or market in ONE place. If you're not testing your ads or marketing, again you won't know what is producing the best results. So how do you track ads, emails or your marketing? You must use codes.

Codes are attached to emails, urls or campaigns to tell you where you're getting a response or results. To get these codes you must use a tracking system or service. Here's where you can get a free account. Here's where you can get a free auto responder account to track your emails. 

Testing simply means placing an ad and testing to see what the results are. Especially when spending money do you want to know if your funds are producing income or you're throwing your money away. Sometimes just changing a word or two in an ad will produce better results. That's an example of testing.

So what kind of so called internet marketing should you avoid?

Anyone who sells "hits" to your website. Hard to prove it's done and where traffic has come from.
Any services that get people to join your opportunity for free. It's a fact, these "sign ups" rarely ever pony up any money or pay to join.
Any paid advertising that hasn't been recommended by someone you trust. This can be difficult since many do not share what paid advertising has worked for them.

Do NOT buy "leads" that are for sale. Look at the right hand column on this page to see why.
Do NOT use"guru's" who offer services to "train you" or say they will reveal "how to do it". What they are offering is often out of date and often too expensive to employ.
Do NOT buy 95% of the"software" for sale selling an internet marketing "system". It's usually stuff you can find on your own by opening your eyes and seeing what people are doing to get to the top of the search engines.
Do NOT buy 90% of the e-books on how to market "affiliate marketing" programs like how to sell on e-Bay or Amazon or the "how to" video's, audio's and downloads claiming the "answer" to it all or any monthly paid services to teach you how.


internet marketing that does not work and why
To market on the Internet all you need is one or two things to get you started. To learn what does work with online marketing, check out this page.
What common kind of marketing doesn't work and why? That's a big question associated with email marketing. You may be familiar with some by name who email you regularly. How do they do it?

Many use auto-responders. How do they get leads into the auto-responders? Most get them from "lead capture pages" that they set up. Those capture pages must be placed where their targeted traffic goes. 

So you can see, there's a little more to email marketing than meets the eye. Does it work? Does it lead to sales and signups? The truth is, for most people the answer is no.

It often requires many different elements to make it work well and most people haven't learned those skills​​​​.

Perhaps the biggest example of internet marketing that does not work are "fully automated marketing systems". The sales pitch is that they will do 95% of the work for you. The truth is that 5% is what everybody has to do with or without their "system".​

Occasionally you may come across some "guru" on video who walks from a jet​​ to a limo to some big building telling you over and over he has found the secret of marketing on the internet. They usually "stumble" on it, discover it by accident and show you tons of accounts loaded with sales and money.

What they don't tell you is that the money they make is from selling the "unbelievable offer" on the e-book they're trying to pitch you. It may be initially low priced, but watch out for up sell once buy.​​ Plus you're on their list.

Believe me, once you see what they call "secrets" you'll ask yourself, how on earth could I ever put that to use? Don't fall for it!​​
What about the list of things to avoid with internet marketing to the left? Why avoid these? Because they either won't work, won't help, will be too difficult to do and mainly, you can find out what their so called secrets are FOR FREE on the Internet. That's what we have done.

Our Team has created a system that's a "click and do" approach to internet marketing, rather than a learn this and figure out how to do it. As a member of our team you will be shown how to sponsor more people than ever before and find new customers to sell your products to.