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There are several mlm watch and mlm news websites on the Internet. These can be beneficial to view before you choose an mlm to join. It should be a part of the simple research you do before you join a new, established or unheard of mlm. You also might find owner names associated with long ago scams, now trying to resurface with a new product or company.

Here are some leading mlm watch type websites for your consideration and research:

MLMWatchDog.com by Rod Cook is considered one of the oldest and most referenced websites for mlm scams, mlm news and mlm updates and legal matters. The site is not pretty, not always easy to navigate and information sometimes rolls together along with overlapping print. However, it's the interesting content that brings you back again and again.

MLMInsider.com by Corey Augenstein dates back to 1991 and is considered  both an information / resource and watchdog publication on MLM. It has some excellent articles about network marketing on file as well as a comprehensive list of mlms. And don't forget to check out the mlm "news" link for some inside information on what's going on in the mlm Industry.

MarketWaveinc.com by Leonard W. Clements also got started back in 1991. He's published a very good article on Network Marketing Product Claims which should be "required reading" before anyone posts anything about their mlm products anywhere and more recently, his "review" of Monitium.

MLMHelpDesk.com by Troy Dooly is a lot of Troy on video talking about, raising questions about and even interviewing company owners and executives of various good and questionable mlms. Be sure to check out his High Risk MLMS button at the top left of his site before you jump into one.

Things you should keep up on when you start to promote an mlm or its products include:

The FTC warns of the dot cons on the Internet and the new restrictions placed on telemarketers.

In what way can Phone Broadcasting or automated robotic calls still be used? Is it legal to broadcast to businesses? The FTC changed the regulations concerning voice broadcasting in September of 2009.

You can no longer call consumers using voice broadcasting without their written permission. However, calling a business is not covered by this regulation nor is there any regulations about the National Do Not Call list. So yes, you are free to call businesses with a phone broadcast device. 

How about "text" blasts? Can they be sent out to anybody or do they have to be limited as well? This too can be viewed as "spamming". 

It is also good to know if you're going to market on the Internet using a website, send out emails or just tell people over the phone, what the FTC requirements are for health claimsand bogus weight loss claims as well as the rules in the dietary supplement advertising guide.

In conclusion, I hope I've shown you how to check out an mlm or do research on an mlm before you join it. It could end up saving you a lot of time and money.

There are ways you can find out if an mlm is growing, slowing down or is getting a lot of views on its website. How?

How popular a website is is determined by its amount of traffic. One website that ranks traffic to a site is
Alexa.com.If the rank is high (say within the top 5K websites), the mlm is getting a lot of interest.

You can also go to
MLM Rankingsto see how the mlm is doing compared to other mlms in growth and popularity. Start up companies most likely will not be on the site.

If you ever get a little skeptical of mlms and whether they are legitimate froms of business or not, then read this post of mine and watch these two videos:

Former President Bill Clinton He recorded this video when he was in office so it's a little raspy.

Brilliant Compensation by Tim Salesis an excellent tool for sharing network marketing as a real and honest form of business.