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We show you how to market on the Internet, what to avoid and how to earn money online.
A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team shows members how to attract proven buyers to join their team so they can increase their income from direct sales, network or affiliate marketing
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People want more than answers and "how to" information about marketing on the Internet these days. They want to be shown what to do and why they should do it.

The links to the right are real effective methods to successful Internet marketing. What kind of results should you expect? People will be calling you either to ask you questions about your business or to join it. What could be better?
  A. Andrews and Sons Marketing System
When I say online marketing is easy, you must be willing to type and write and enjoy it. If you're not very good at it, you still have other options, but writing is a good one to use. Here are some examples of writing I've done so you can see how you can use it to market your business:

Bellamora Blog.

Use websites, like this on Bellamora.

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Online marketing is easy, but it takes time unless you pay someone else to do it. Internet Marketing is not a series of secrets (unless you don't know what you're doing), it is a practical step by step system done on a consistent basis to capture leads or make sales. How to do Web Marketing has become big business but most of what you need to know to get started is already on the Internet for free.  Please see our How To Market Blog as an example of what we mean.

Try putting the keyword Bellamora into a
Google search bar and see if any of the above
sites are on the first page. That's where you want to be to get free traffic to your website/business. Of course, there's a lot more to it than making a website.

I mentioned there were other ways to do internet marketing. Online marketing is always more successful when you go where people go, where the online traffic is. Where's that? Some believe, people go to their email box everyday so email marketing is a great way to find leads and prospects. 
This is an emailer tool we recommend and use.

However, we do have spam laws. Which means you can build a list, buy a list or join a safelist.  But how can you email them without getting any spam complaints? Safelists agree to get your emails, lists that have what's called "double opt in" leads also agree to let you email them if they have requested more information about an income opportunity.

To build a list yourself you must capture names and email addresses. Many are doing this today with videos. This is my personal opinion, if you don't look good or talk convincingly on video, you'd be better off with a lead capture page. There are video lead capture systems and the guy in the video looks like he created the system when he just tapped into it. I don't recommend these if people tend to recommend the system rather than themselves or their opportunity.  Here is a lead capture system like that  if you want to tap into it.  

You can also "Trade a List" which is a type of safelist to email to everyday or you can buy a list (like buying leads) which I don't recommend unless it's "my results were fantastic" recommended. The leads are too generic even if they are biz opp leads. You can also use safelists, which are members who agree to receive your email if they can send theirs. The one safelsit I recommend is called Business World List with over 100,000 members. But you must upgrade to email them all at once.

The problem with safelists is all the email you get, either to your "subscribe" list email address or your "contact" email address. You could get hundreds of emails in a short period of time, so I recommend you direct the emails to a free gmail account with two different addresses. (you have to delete them regularly though).

If you would like to use a free service for email marketing, try this one.
Are there other effective ways to market online? Yes. Perhaps a good idea would be for you to get some marketing background and realize that web marketing is a very broad term. 

Here are tips on "Your Call To Action", in your website sales page or lead capture page. Below are other websites that teach you the fundamentals of internet marketing:

Online Marketing Today - getting links on your site that have authority

Majon Blog



There is a whole lot more information about internet marketing on the Internet, but the above information is more than enough. In fact, I don't believe online marketing information is enough and usually causes information overload. I believe in teaching an Internet Marketing System, that's "click and do". My blog will help people to do just that.

Marketing Systems are often created by Affiliate and Network Marketers who charge you to buy their e-book techniques or get on a monthly service fee. Additionally, they try to get you to join, not just one, but several of the mlm's or affiliate programs they are in and so you have those monthly fees as well if you do.

I recommend you use an Internet Marketing System that someone recommends that has used it and gotten great results. I offer a Free Password Protected Advanced Online Marketing System for all people who join one of my Network Marketing companies under me. What is My Internet Marketing System?

It is a place I send you on the Internet that shows you what steps to take and what things to do. It does explain some of the why's for doing them, but for the most part, you simply go there as often as you can and do what's there to do. I call it The "Click and Do" Internet Marketing System.

So as you can see, I help people learn about and do online marketing. This creates leads that actually call me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email us. You can fill in the form on our Home or Contact Us page.

To receive FREE Tutorials on setting up your own Internet Business, fill in the form on my Free Internet Marketing Secrets website. 

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