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Where are real income opportunities? Are there some real income opportunities we recommend? Why do we recommend them?

An income opportunity may be another label for an mlm, network marketing company or direct sales company. Some people believe all mlm's are scams and illegal. This is simply not true. Some famous people are behind mlms, like Donald Trump (The Trump Network), Warren Buffet (The Pampered Chef) and Richard Branson (VIE At Home).

Some companies have been around for decades. One of the first is a Company called Amway. It is a multi billion dollar a year company. The largest mlm is called Avon.

The ultimate goal of most network marketing companies is to become "the next billion dollar company". That's a lot of money and a lot of work to achieve. One of the fastest growing companies to come close to achieving this has been MonaVie. It started in 2005 and apparently came close to that level until the recession hit. 

For many people though, they view getting into an established company as being at the bottom or coming in when the market has been saturated. This can or can not be true. It all depends on the company and their marketing strategy. You can still make money with an established company and the risk of it going out of business probably surely isn't as likely as a start up. When the great recession hit and mlm companies failed, more network marketers started going over to these established companies.

So what is a REAL income opportunity, something worth your time and attaching your reputation to? Here's what you should look for in a real income opportunity:

1. The right owner(s)

If you can't find out anything on the Internet about the owner(s), proceed only if someone you trust recommends them. They will be like your boss. If there's any red flags associated with their name or previous businesses, never ignore them. It usually catches up to them and may cause the business to close down or be shut down. There are too many mlms to choose from to hassle explaining some owners past.

2. The Company must be well financed

Some companies never get off the ground because they lack proper financing. If the funds are lacking it's an indication others don't feel the company will do that well. If someone rich or famous is backing the company, this is no guarantee of success either. I've seen "billionaires" fail at mlm.

Do people get along with and like this rich and famous person? Is he really involved? If the company closed down, would he just fall back on his "other" business or riches? If you can't find out if the company is well financed, don't join.

3.  The product(s) must be world class and ideally first to market.

Is the product a "me too" product? For example, do you know how many coffee drink mlm's there are? Several, yet some stand out and do very well, like Organo Gold and Sozo. Still Is the product e-books or something you download? Run, these don't last. 

Are there a lot of products at first or will there be a lot of products in the future? If you have to advertise all these products, keep in mind it can get expensive.

Is the product "first to market"? That's good but more is needed. I was in a first to market company called Synaura that made a couple of great products, Avia and Syn 40, centered around the southern Chile Maqui berry. But it lacked experienced executive leadership and financial backing. It lasted two years.

 Is it a "me too" product but outstandingly better than anything out there? Take notice. Facebook came along when My Space was THE Social Network. Google came along when Yahoo was on top.

This is extremely important. People don't want to shell out $500 to join unless the product can save them at least that much. How much is the auto-ship requirement? Nowadays, many people can't afford $150.00 a month like some mlm's expect.

Some mlm's have a service and not a product. For example, Primerica is a successful mlm that offers a service (insurance and financial). It is one of the few "service" type mlm's that has lasted a long time. Legal Shield is another example.

Now we have "education" and "university" or information type companies and gold and silver as products springing up.  I don't recommend these. 0% Gold based mlms have succeeded and there's been plenty that tried.

4. Where is the Company located and can you call them?

If there's no contact number or physical address or location, don't join. Make sure you know the guarantee and if there is a cancel membership link before you join. If the company is out of the country in which you live, have someone you know in that country verify there is such a location and that the company is registered with the proper formalities.

The better companies have an executive team, not just an owner. Make sure you read their Terms and Conditions and Policies and Procedures. If they don't have any, don't join.
5. How is the Company "branded"?

Does the company website look like many others; cars, boats and mansions with hype on the first page? Does it have dollars increasing each second? Is there a push to get in before such and such time passes? Forget it! Keep in mind this website represents YOU.

What message does it send to those that see it? Does it look like a Fortune 500 Company or a Company you'd be "Fortunate" to make $500 with? If there are income claims and reference to making a lot of money quick or in a short period of time, don't join.

6. Will the Company last?

You may not be sure of knowing if a Company will last, but you should have a feel for it. You can get a feel for a company by talking with the Executives, finding out who is joining it, finding out if there is a "buzz" and momentum about it, if there is a ring of truth to it and it or the owner(s) have a "story" about them. This all helps.

The bottom line is whether it appeals to a lot of people and it consistently grows. Without people, there is no company.

Some leaders join one Company and then another every few months to one or two years. They know the Company will "peak" and weaken and they move on to the next "quick buck". Don't follow these "leaders". Why should you? Who wants to build a business over and over again to let it go? Look for a Company with all the ingredients listed here and stick with it. Work it hard, build it. THEN look at something else if you're wanting an additional income stream.

      What Is a Real Income Opportunity? | Are There Real Income Opportunities?
    7. Is the Comp Plan Balanced?

    Some Comp Plans are in the Company's favor, sort of like large casino's. A balanced Comp Plan will have a way for you to earn some money quickly up front and it will be easy to qualify for rank advancement. It won't "punish" you if you have a slow month or don't produce as much or any new volume.

    You don't want "flushing" or "point values" attached to volume so that $1.25 in sales equals $1.00 commissionable volume. That .25 cents goes to the Company. Find out how much the Company pays out of their income revenue and make sure you don't have to sign up a high number of people to qualify for all levels of income. If point values favor the company, just be sure its covering company expenses and not going into the CEO's wallet.

    One of the problems with older established mlms is that their pay plans are out of date and pay out a low overall percentage to their distributors compared to some modern mlms.

    Someone will tell you they don't like a binary, a uni-level or a matrix at some time or another. Most of the time, people do not earn enough income from the company to really know if the plan is good or not.

    Unfortunately, too many network marketing companies change their compensation plans just when you've built up a nice income. Some have done this even when they said in writing they never would do it. Unfortunately this can't be avoided because most leave this option open. This is an mlm pitfall.

    The bottom line is the comp plan balanced and easy to comprehend? If you don't understand it you won't be able to explain it, which makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about.

    In conclusion, quite simply, you should be passionate about the product, even though some networkers will tell you it doesn't matter what the product is, as long as people flock to it. Really? Isn't it better if you're passionate about the product(s)?

    You should love working for the company and the owner and feel you would be happy to represent them even to friends and family. Lastly, you should be paid fairly and well even if you only do small things with the Company. Don't settle for less.

    I'll Be The First To Admit

    I'll be the first to admit, there is no one network marketing company for everybody. I'll also admit, what may appeal to me may not interest you in the least. I will also admit, even with all the guidelines above, there's no sure fire way to know if a company is going to make it or not. All start up companies are risky.

    This is why some networkers won't join a company unless it's at least two years old. For some, the standard is higher, five years. Most start up mlm's fail.

    What Prevents Me From Joining Just Any MLM?

    I can tell you by what I don't look for or am not interested in:

    anything with a website that is mostly hype and offers fast or easy money (easy money for who, the owner?)
    anything that has me guessing....who's behind this, where does it originate, is there contact information?

    anything that doesn't tell me what the product is or what the compensation plan is (why should I not know?)

    anything that is too expensive to join, has high cost products or has too high of an autoship (others won't join or can't afford it)

    anything that has products that look too much like the same old thing or you can buy at the health food store

    What Are Some Real Income Opportunities I Recommend?

    To see what I am recommending, go to my A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team Home Page. Please call me for more information. contact information is on the Home Page.

    In conclusion, there are quite a few real income opportunities out there. Some have been around a very long time, some are relatively new and others seem to be just getting started. I hope you seriously think about what has been brought out here because I've seem too many people get scammed or waste their time in some worthless pursuit only to sour them to network marketing.

    A real income opportunity tastes time to make money. It takes time to build a real income opportunity and if you're new to it you need a mentor or a coach you can call on to advise you along the way.

    I personally feel that choosing a REAL Person and Team are at least as important as which REAL income opportunity you choose. So please choose wisely!