The Focus

Vistaprint took 11 years to reach 10 million customers and $1 Billion in sales (this year 2011) .Vistaprint averaged over 60+% annual growth their first 10 years since they came to America in 2000.(source: www.Wikipedia.org2011). It is our goal to provide Vistaprint with some stiff competition!

Using Social Referral Marketing is a proven method to building a business fast! It is our goal to beat Vistaprint within 5 years. Then, Viralprint will live up to its name!

Our prices are in line with Vistaprint and the other top online printers and our quality is better plus we pay commissions out of our low prices!

Unlike an MLM that often sells a unique product at inflated prices to a limited market, Viral Print is a wholesaler offering up to 70% off retail prices that is used everyday by millions of businesses around the world and our members do not sell anything! They just share a good thing and provide their web link and Viral Print does the rest including ongoing marketing to ALL referrals to keep encouraging them to buy printed products which in turn creates more commissions for their members as well as encourage to share Viralprint with everyone they know.

Quality is FIRST with Viralprint as they offer the best quality products available in the printing industry. Their prices are built around Quality.  Service is crucial in retaining customers and will be a priority of Viralprint to provide outrageous customer service!

Viral Print is targeted for Launch in January 2012. They are working hard to finish their new ecommerce website and genealogy tracking software. They will not launch until they are confident the system works smoothly.

Simple. Easy. FREE. No selling. Unlimited Personal Referrals. 5 levels of pay. Automatic Residual Income that lasts for generations that is willable, transferable and you can sell! It does not get much better than this!
Regeneration USA Review

This is a third party Regeneration USA review. I am not an active distributor and would like to inform you in case you're considering joining or using their products. I'm not selling any marketing tools, just providing a few facts before you get involved.

Here is some basic background information about Regeneration USA. It appears the company is coming up on their sixth anniversary. Started in 2008, Regerneration USA was founded by Justin Chernalis.

Justin Chernalis comes from an entreprenuerial background including being trained by a famous French Chef. So from an early age he was taught about healthy foods and eating. Justin wanted to create a product he could take on the road with him as an alternative to fast food. The Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar was created, made from all organic raw foods to help with aging skin body and mind in a fast paced world.

Ernesto Cadiz is a Co-Founder and Candice Nicole is a Director of Worldwide business Development. Jeffrey A Rapaport, MD and Heidi Regenass, M.D make up the medical advisory board for the Company.

Justin started his studies on Anti-Aging foods and supplements to help slow and reverse the aging process. He wanted to create a product he could take on the road with him as an alternative to fast food. The Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar was created, made from all organic raw foods.

At this point we see the company has been around longer than many new direct sales companies and it's new products are an indication that sales are increasing and the company is growing. They have no enrollment fees, so it's free to join.

What about the Regeneration USA Products? Here are some "testimonials" from some of their customers and affiliates. The website also has a "review" page but most of the links went to pages that were no longer current. This one was active. Kudos to Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar.

The Dial in # for the RegenerationUSA conference call is: 712-432-0075 Code: 660594#
Backup number: 805-360-1075, When prompted enter in 712-432-0075 then 660594.

To learn more or to join RegenerationUSA, go HERE now. It's my link but I'm not active.

To try products and see the RegenerationUSA Shopping Cart, go HERE.

To see what's working best for us go to this page.

Regeneration USA Review Conclusion

Regeneration USA is a good company with very good products. However, it's hard to keep customers and affiliates because of the product prices. In today's economy, I believe there are better options available.
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