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What Is ReSylva? What Is My Opinion of ReSylva? Is There Anything Wrong With It? What Does It Cost to Join?

What Is ReSylva?

ReSylva is a budding network marketing company with the fundamental objective of supporting environmental issues facing our world today.

It focuses on supporting initiatives that help humanity, including educating our youth and supplying nourishment to hunger stricken regions of the world.

ReSylva offers a unique service that allows anyone to take an active role in helping the environment, feeding the hungry and educating our youth, all while earning a residual income for doing so.

What Is My Opinion of ReSylva?

My opinion of ReSylva is that I'm impressed with what I've seen and heard so far. I've talked extensively with co-owner Bobby Chade about ReSylva. Here's what I liked:

The concept is brilliant. What a wonderful way to give back, planting trees. Because of pollution, our beautiful home, planet earth, needs all the help it can get.

The enrollment process is amazing. I thought there's got to be some huge cost to join because the monthly auto-ship is so low. There was none. It cost $3.99 to join (monthly) and it cost $9.99 to have a tree planted or sell a tree to a customer.

Contracts are in place with Organizations that have the capabilities to actually do the planting in the listed countries. More countries are being added.

I liked the ReSylva uni-level compensation plan. With about 65% of income paid out to members and a get four and pay no more approach, your $13.98 is covered.

I also liked the simplicity of the ReSylva infra structure. There's no products to warehouse, restock, return or refund. You can become a Social Entrepreneur for $3.99. Where else does such a low entry opportunity exist?

In conclusion, my opinion of ReSylva is that it's very affordable yet its income potential is impressive, humanitarian with an emphasis on education for our youth and an outstanding concept unlike anything in network marketing.

An Honest Review of ReSylva

ReSylva is like a seedling itself, just beginning. This may be a cause for concern for some who like to invest their time and energy into a company that's more established. Not knowing how well ReSylva will do, you can either get in on the ground floor or wait and see.

ReSylva owners Bobby Chade and Brent Reynard are certainly not new to network marketing but this is their first run at owning and running a network marketing company. I believe as growth occurs, they will partner with experienced leaders that will help them through any rough patches.

Will the concept of giving a tree for planting rather than receiving some product for personal use or benefit, appeal to the masses?  Hard to say. But just think of the kind of people ReSylva will attract.

Can you earn residual income from ReSylva and will it retain its members? With such a low cost, is there potentially enough money to make a decent income? From what I can see about the comp plan, yes there is.

Will there be retention? Perhaps. Why? Because of the low cost and the good that's being done. Also, this is a program anybody can do/offer without being embarrassed about it. It's very different than traditional network marketing companies.

In conclusion, my review of ReSylva is quite positive. They do not object to you being in another network marketing company or you using the Internet or Social Media to get the word out about ReSylva.

Is There Anything Wrong With ReSylva?

It's too new to say anything negative about ReSylva. I know there's financial backers, the company's finances are in good shape and it won't take much for the company to be self supporting. So as far as I know there's not anything wrong with ReSylva. I assure you it's not a scam.

Is There Anything Like ReSylva?

I've often thought, what would make a unique network marketing company? Never did I imagine what Bobby and Brent came up with. I think it's a brilliant idea.

There is nothing like ReSylva as far as concept, cost to participate and potential for value in the world. Even as a customer, you can add value to your life and that of others.

How Can You Be a Part of ReSylva?

You can just buy trees and decide where you want them planted for $9.99. You can just enroll as a social entrepreneur for $3.99 a month and work the business. Or you can do both.

You can enroll with us here if you wish.

What Benefits Are There Joining Our ReSylva Team?

Our ReSylva Team is rather unique. We are experienced network and internet marketers. We provide without cost a complete team and marketing experience.

We invite your consideration by reviewing what we have to offer here.


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This website is by a Social Entrepreneur and Sponsor for ReSylva and its intentions are to give the reader a thorough and simplified overview of the ReSylva program and to offer potential sponsorship for those looking for a sponsor. This site doesn't tell all and doesn't attempt to capture your name and email address. However, it does invite you to call for answers to the questions you may have.
ReSylva Simplified:

ReSylva is using a network marketing platform to help our environment, humanity and ourselves through the planting of trees.

It only costs $3.99 to become a social entrepreneur to build residual income and it only costs $9.99 to have a tree planted in the country of your choice (from a list of available countries).

The total cost at enrollment will only be $13.98. You can choose to just enroll as a member or you can just choose to have a tree planted (as a customer).

The ReSylva comp plan is legal and simple. You can reach all ranks (named after tree types) with only one member enrolled under you.

If you enroll 4 members, you will earn $14.00 and the cost of your monthly auto-ship is covered. The ReSylva comp plan is a unilevel type with 7 levels and with payouts to infinity.

At the Sequoia rank, you could potentially earn six figures a month. This is to only show the potential and a small percentage will achieve it. Here is the ReSylva income disclaimer.

Before enrolling you should read all the PDF's on the enrollment page such as the ReSylva Social Entrepreneur Agreement.

ReSylva is an International opportunity. You can live most anywhere in the world and share in the ReSylva opportunity. It is based in Southern California, U.S.A.

As an active member of ReSylva, I am a ReSylva California Sponsor with access to the owners by phone and in person.

ReSylva is a ground floor opportunity which launched November 2, 2013. I invite you to join our ReSylva Team now.
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