Personally sponsor at least 3 Preferred Customers whose
Auto-Delivery Order totals the same amount or more than your Auto-Delivery Order,* and your order is FREE. You can earn up to a total of 250 ADV every month.
The Comp Plan has been compared to one of the best mlm comp plans ever created. Initially, a low qualified volume car bonus, iPad and $500.00 rank achievement are offered as special promotions.
I am not a member
A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team
Nerium Review
We encourage you to enroll through our Get Real Team.
You no doubt want more than the obvious information and HYPE about Nerium™, you want to know if it's the "right" network marketing company for you, a "home" you can hang your hat on, a place you can earn permanent residual income.

You also want to know what The Nerium Get Real Team can do for you. This website will help you see that. 
Should you join Nerium? Nerium is a good company with devoted members. The only negative I see about Nerium is the price of the products and that they are limited to skin care.
Our Goal Here Is To Post Things On This Website That You May Not Find Easily On The Corporate Website and To Inform You About This Company and Provide Useful Information in Marketing It.

According to Dennis Windsor, Nerium™ President, these are the top ten reasons why Nerium™ should make network marketing history and is a real game changing opportunity.

1. Nerium™ has the best formula for success; Nerium™ has the right combination  of product, marketing systems, owners, managers, and compensation plan.

2. Timing - we all know the economy is struggling. The amount of people looking for a real opportunity is at an all time high. The Industry is starving for a real story with a great company with a real opportunity.

3. Targeted space -  9 out 10 of the top direct sales companies are into health and beauty. Perfect timing.

4. Nerium™ has launched with a single product to build mass momentum. However, Nerium™ has many products in the research and development pipeline that will be brought out over the next few years.

5. The Nerium™ Partnership consists of the who’s who in research, scientists, doctors, investors, business people, direct sales talent and experience. Everyone on the Nerium™ team is focused on helping members become successful. Committed to a great partnership.
6. Nerium™ Story - break through accidental discovery that no one else has.

7. No competition - The Nerium™ Biotech company has been working with this compound for 12 years. They own the rights, they own the supply, they are the supplier of the raw materials. No one else can get it and it can’t be duplicated.

8. NeriumAD™ - has amazing results, fast. In the clinical trials where participants who were trying the product knew nothing about the product. They used it and came in and got their face scanned every 7 days to see what the results would be. Film crews recorded all the stories. Most other products have a 2 to 5% change, but using this type of product, this group had some 30+% improvement within 30 days.

9. Marketing System - Nerium™ has been working on a marketing system for a year and is the best ever for a start up company. It has a wow factor, best of the systems that really work. Also, social media and smart phones. Can build your business sitting at Starbucks…

​10. Nerium™Comp Plan - smart, solid plan where masses can build a real income stream, very simple, fast start business, get initial cost back and duplicate through your organization. 50% payout.

So How Does Nerium Show It May Be THE Best Network Marketing Company ?

The truth is, there are dozens upon dozens of good network marketing companies to choose from.Some of them have been around for years. But trying to build a team in an established company is difficult for even a seasoned and experienced networker.

What makes Nerium™ different than many of these?

Nerium™ has an exclusive product. The Nerium product cannot be duplicated nor eventually sold in any health type store like "juice" and other "aloe" type skin care products can.

Nerium™ has the testimonials, the private research testing of their product and the results clearly shown on video's and it's just starting!

Is Nerium Well Funded and Financially Backed?

Nerium™ has already invested a great deal of time and money into its launch. Simply look at the Nerium™ corporate website, video's, marketing tools and executives to see this isn't your "as usual" start up mlm.

It is also extremely rare for a Bio Technology company to partner with a direct sales organization. The Research and Development Company behind Nerium is Nerium BioTechnology.

Nerium BioTechnology uses NeriumSkin to manufacture and produce the Skin Care line.

Nerium™ Executives have mlm experience, both as distributors and as executives. This is important.

Most network marketing companies do not disclose who their financial backers are, so you have to look at the actions of the company to determine if there's money there or not. Financial backing is important to an mlm but it can't buy members. So if membership is sparce and sporatic, this often indicates something is lacking.

Nerium should go through a huge growth spurt with thousands of people joining during the launch.  Nerium has some top network marketers that usually don't like to get into startup companies. This shows good stability at this early stage.

Nerium is not associated with or a rebranding of a company called Bellamora. It has a completely different product which is all natural.

Does Nerium Have Great Executive Leadership?

Jeff Olson, author of the best selling book, “The Slight Edge”

Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge, has built multi-million-dollar sales and marketing organizations, hosted seminars in every major city in the United States and produced over 900 television programs with such personal development legends as: Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and Brian Tracy. Over the past 20 years Jeff has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve better levels of financial freedom and personal excellence.

Jeff Olson got his start in multi level marketing by joining a company known as NSA.

Over the course of a two year period, Olson built one of the largest organizations in the history of the company.

Jeff Olson eventually left NSA and signed up with a company called Quorum. Once again, he built a gigantic organization.

In Quorum he literally became the #1 money earner in the company. He was so successful; he was eventually made the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Following his success in Quorum, he decided to start his own network marketing company called The People's Network. The foundation of this company was personal development and the concepts Olson revealed in The Slight Edge.

Due to the success of The People's Network, Jeff Olson was approached by Harland Stonecipher, the founder, Chairman and CEO of Pre-Paid Legal Services. He joined with Prepaid Legal and brought it from 70 million to 500 million in volume!

Jeff Olson and Harland Stonecipher eventually decided to merge their companies together. Many of the top distributors in Pre-Paid Legal today were originally a part of Olson's TPN company.


Dennis Windsor

Dennis Windsor is an internationally known and respected Network Marketing Executive, Author, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. He has been a Network Marketing Professional for almost 30 years, spending over 17 years in the field as a distributor building large sales organizations and over 13 years in Founder, Senior Executive and Senior Consultant roles helping to build and manage Network Marketing Companies.

Dennis is known as a high energy, positive leader who is highly focused and skilled at helping people achieve their goals and dreams. He has built multiple large, successful sales organizations ranging from 20,000+ Distributors to over 200,000+ Distributors.

He is the author of the Network Marketing best seller - Financially Free! The How To’s Building a Large, Successful Network Marketing Organization. Dennis also produced the Financially Free! Audio Training Album and Video Training Album. He also authored The Script Book and Network Marketing – The Business Vehicle recruiting tool.

Is There A Nerium Buzz and Momentum?

If a company doesn't have a buzz and momentum about it, why not? If a network marketing company isn't growing and people aren't getting excited about it, why not?

Nerium has tremendous momentum. As a "start up" it may still have some issues to wiggle through, but currently it is on track with steady growth, new customers and growth.

The "buzz" associated with Nerium is that they've done it right and kept it real, real science, real product and real results.

You can go to and type in to see its traffic ranking, and at 

Which Nerium Team Should You Join?

The Team that can benefit you the most. No Team is right for everybody. Can the right Nerium Team make a differnece in your checks? Yes, it can. We are the Get Real Team and we have a lot going for us. What should you look for in a Nerium Team?

Some people might be fooled by the words, #1 Nerium Team or We're THE Top Team or The Nerium Master Distributor's Team. Some have also thought it's a good idea to join under a certain Nerium Leader, Executive or Master Distributor.

This is often not a good choice. The higher they are usually the less time they have for you. Building a Team is more about communication and relationships than it is about which top dog you're under.

As you probably know, who your sponsor is will be very important to your success. They should be more than available and willing to help you. They should be a part of an explosive Team with an upline that's just as interested in helping you as they are. This is what we teach at the Get Real Team. We encourage to get back to the person who brought you here. Call them and ask them these three simple questions:

1. Would I be able to reach you or your sponsor to do three way calls?

2. Have you gotten help from your sponsor to get your 3 customers or brand partners in?

3. If I join under you, would you and your sponsor help me to get my 3 people in?

So if you're looking for a responsive and caring Nerium sponsor and leader, choose a Get Real Team Sponsor.  We'd love to have you join us.

What's So Special About The Get Real Team?

As it's been said, help others to get what they want and they will help you get what you want. Network Marketing is a job. It takes a lot of time to "hit it big" or get into the big leagues. That's why we believe our Get Real Team has some of the most comprehensive Nerium Marketing Tools you'll find of any NeriumTeam. We invite you to join our Team. You won't be disappointed. Why should you?

"What are these marketing tools and how much more is it going to cost me?", you may ask. "Can I see them, even try them before I join Nerium with you? "What about Nerium leads and marketing Nerium on the Internet, can you help?"

Our team members have tools and support that you won’t find anywhere else. And these extras are exclusive for the Get Real Team!

What If You're New or Inexperienced In Network or Internet Marketing?

We realize not everyone has the time or resources to build a Team and earn a full time income in network marketing . We realize not everyone can sponsor people as easily as a professional networker can.. That's okay.

Perhaps you've only sponsored one or two people in your life, maybe even none. That's okay. You're still important to our Team.  The question is, What is your "why" and what do you really want out of Nerium? We'll help you achieve it.

Here's two "directional guidelines" to help you get started:

Our Fast Start Worksheet
The 3UR Free Flyer

If you have some time and really want to earn an income from network marketing, we can help you. We know what to tell you. We know what to show you. And most importantly, we are there for you.

Many leaders often are too busy for the new or inexperienced marketer. We're not that way. We've helped a lot of people and in  many different situations, yet never made a dime from it because we wanted to do it. We love to help people make money.  It's our way to give back.

So, Should You Join Nerium?

We hope our website on Nerium has helped you. Should you join Nerium? I think you should IF you have the right circumstances. Don't think just because you've found the right company, that IT will earn you more than ever before. That's up to you and how much effort you put into it. 

We learned a long time ago, if network marketing, affiliate marketing or trying to make money through the Internet was super easy, everyone would be doing it. But many people have tried and quit and there's one BIG reason many of them did. They thought there was a "magic wand" or"silver bullet" quick way to do it.

Folks, there isn't any such thing. Why should there be? Yes, there a few people who do really well in a few short months BECAUSE they are well connected or have the right kind of "network" to move things along swiftly. Most people don't have that. Some "hit the lottery" by sponsoring one or two great leaders. But that's the exception not the norm. You're building a business network and my friend, that takes time and effort.

Even so called "duplicatable systems" are not magic wands to quick success. We believe Albert Einstein stated, 'success is more about perspiration than inspiration'. Don't believe it's easy to make money online because some website says so. It takes time and hard work. Are you ready to give that? Then we want you to join our Team.

So if you have that to give and really believe you'll make money online, We'd like to hear from you.

Final Thought
Nerium launched on 08-29-11 fully functional and they have two ADS's (automatic delivery service or autoship). One for $80.00 per month and the other for $150.00. This makes Nerium affordable for most everyone. 

WE personally invite you to join Nerium with the Get Real Team. We think Nerium looks like a winner.


Is Nerium™ The Real Deal?
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You automatically become and pay for becoming a "Brand Partner" or Nerium Distributor if you buy any of the Starter Packs below.

Launch Kit $99.95
Personalized Marketing & Mobile Websites
Nerium Success Planner
*10 A Real Breakthrough DiscBrochures
*25 Product Brochures
*Nerium Corporate Brochures
*Nerium Success Training CD Set
*Real Results Party DVD
*The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
*Jim Rohn & Robert Kiyosaki CD's
*Additional Marketing Materials
*30 Day Access to Real Life Library
*30 Day Access to Nerium Advanced *Business Center (reg. price $14.95 a mo)

Success Pack $499.95
This is the Pack for the serious builder. This includes your Launch Kit

* 5 Bottles of NeriumAD Age Defying Treament
* 90 Day Access to Real Life Library
* 90 Day Access to Nerium Advanced Business Center
* Nerium Auto Delivery Order Program - one bottle of NeriumAD each month at the discounted ADO price

Nerium Terms & Conditions

Nerium Policies and Procedures

Nerium Refund Policy
The Nerium COMP PLAN

About The "Nerium Placement Suite"

When you sponsor a new Nerium Brand Partner, they are placed in your Placement Suite for a period of 60 days.

During that time, you have the option to place the new Brand Partner into an open position in an existing leg in your Placement Tree. Allowing the Brand Partner to place a new Brand Partner in an open position in the Placement Tree provides an opportunity to increase the sales volume in an existing leg and enables the new Brand Partner to gain additional support from a sales organization that is already in place.

Rank advancement and Team Commissions are based on the sales volume in the Placement Tree. 

So "placement" can be at the top of one of three legs or in any one of the three legs under certain leaders.

Enrollment can be as low as $99.99 plus tax and shipping. You can order one, two or more bottles of NeriumAD. If you buy the Success Pack, your Launch kit is free
Nerium Product and Ingredients

Use of the Nerium oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years. But it wasn’t until the last century that the scientific community took interest in researching its unique properties. Most recently, scientists in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Latin America, and the United States have worked to understand the beneficial qualities found exclusively in the Nerium oleander plant.

Field Of Life Video

NeriumAD Ingredients:

NAE-8™ Proprietary Blend (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Liquid, Nerium Oleander Leaf), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Liquid, Proprietary Protein (Collagen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans), Glycerin, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, C14-22 Alcohols, C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Glucoside and Cetearyl Alcohol, Vegetable Oil, Dicaprylyl Ether, Sodium Borate, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Powder, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Sodium Isostearoyl Lactylate, Dimethicone, Sodium PCA, Proprietary Blend (Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Glyceryl Caprylate, Phenylpropanol), Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Natural Skin Health “first of its kind”

Nerium AD ™ is an amazing and potent skin-soothing and age defying treatment for topical applications, utilizing a breakthrough patent-pending technology NBio-PL² ™ (Nerium Biotechnology – Plant to Plant) extraction process that combines the unique beneficial properties of the Nerium plant and the known beneficial properties of Aloe Vera. The resulting new natural extract NAE-8™ provides for the formulation and development of this "first of its kind" age defying night cream application.

Nerium AD ™ is designed to enhance skin health and is a revolutionary treatment for aged, blemished, and sun-damaged skin. The product is formulated to soothe, moisturize, nourish, and help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or sun-damaged skin.

Wash/Clean the area of application gently with soap and water. Apply a thin layer of NeriumAD™ Age Defying Treatment to the face and neck nightly. Amount of cream application to treatment area (2-4 pumps) can be adjusted to your skin texture (sun damage, age, natural oils, sensitive skin, blemishes, eye sensitivity, etc.) utilizing 2-4 pumps of cream.

Consistent nightly application of the NeriumAD™ Age Defying Treatment and longer duration of application is associated with better results, although iIt is not necessary to over apply cream to obtain better results.

In the morning continue to follow your current daily daytime moisturizing and cosmetic application routine.

Designed for adult use, this product can be used to soothe, moisturize, nourish, and help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or sun-damaged skin. Individual benefit will vary, although consistent and longer duration of application is associated with better results.

Allergic Reactions:
Although allergies to our products are unlikely, as with any topical product, if any discomfort, itching, or irritation persist, stop using immediately.

Designed for adult use, this product is a dermatological cream for topical and external use only. Keep out of reach of children and out of the eyes. If swallowed, consult your physician.

Future Products:

NeriumAD Eye Cream
NeriumAD Age-Spot Cream
NeriumDerm Skin Repair Cream
NeriumDerm Blemish Cream
NeriumDerm Moisturizing Lotion
NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion
NeriumDerm Burn Ointment
NeriumDerm After- Sunburn Skin Lotion
NeriumDerm Radiation Burn Cream
NeriumCS Lip Serum

Nerium Product Safety Research PDF
Here are Some FAQ's About Nerium:

Q. When did Nerium Launch?
A. On Monday August 29th, 2011

Q. How did they launch?
A. By a webcast. It was quite impressive. They were fully prepared.

Q. Did they have a pre-launch?
A. No. In fact, they kept this quiet up unto the weekend before the launch.

Q. How did Nerium set itself apart from other companies?
A. They launched fully operational. They also did 3rd party research on their product and filmed the results.

Q. Are the Nerium products duplicatible?
A. Unlike "superberry" drinks and "tea-tree oil" products that are now available in health food stores, Nerium products are not duplicatible.

Q. How much does it cost to join Nerium?
A. You must order a $99.95 Launch Kit and pay for tax and shipping.

Q. Is there an advantage to buying the Success Pack?
A. Yes. Your Launch Kit is free. You have 5 Bottles of NeriumAD for use and distribution. You also get to use the Real Life Library and Advanced Business Center for 90 days.

Q. What is the optional cost for these business tools?
A. $14.95 a month.

Q. How exactly do they help?
A. In a nutshell, the Life Library is all about self improvement.