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What Is Solavei?

Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share, and capitalize on the power of social networks.

Solavei's mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to
earn incomeon the products and services they enjoy and use every day.

Solavei's initial productoffering is affordable, no-contract, unlimited 4G voice, text, and data services throughout the United States

The system operates as a
"Mobile Virtual Network Operator,"  through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA.

Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

What Is My Opinion of Solavei?

It seems Solavei, as a company, has done cell phone service through direct sales better than anyone previous. The service is fully operational and coverage is as good as T-Mobiles.

Solavei launched when they said they would launch and members have been sharing Solavei with others. And now they claim over 250,000 people have said YES. Not sure how many are still with the Company though.

Solavei is a commerce network with intentions of offering many discounts to its members. Plus it's a social network in itself to share in a community setting. This is good and bad.

Although the Solavei "community" is found in the back office, while most of the comments are positive, there are number of negative comments about data usage, support wait time and phone activation. Thus the "down" side of social networking, depending on how you look at it.

Solavei is low cost, but not the lowest cost. There are other MVNO service providers like Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile and Metro PCS who also offer unlimited service at a lower price than Solavei.

However, Solavei is a direct sales company and you can potentially get your service for free and earn an income from it, unlike these other MVNO's.

Also, very few direct sales companies have an autoship of $49.00. Many are three times this amount. And even if you never sponsored anyone, you'd probably still save money over what you're paying for cell service now.

However, 3 personally sponsored members initially only provides a $20.00 residual income. It would take 6-7 signups to cover your $49.00. You may be able to do that, but most people won't. I know a program that qualifies you for a car bonus if you enroll 6 people. Contact me for more info.

Anything Wrong With Solavei?

If you take a look at the Executive Leadership Team, it appears like great leadership.  However, apparently not everyone in leadership has a spotless reputation. This could signal problems for Solavei down the road and caused me to not join. However, some have a different persceptive you should consider as well.

I have a few negative comments about Solavei. If your phone is not compatible with the T-Mobile system you may have to buy a new phone. I've heard this is true in most cases.

Yes, you can buy a phone for $159 or $249, but they are only 3G phones. You must pay the $529. to get a 4G phone. So that's a lot of out of pocket expense to get the 4G service your paying for.

Also, there is only a 14 day (30 in Ca.) return policy and plan on getting clipped for a $50 "restocking" fee and there's no refund on the $29.00 Sim Card, meaning you could be out $79 if you have buyers "remorse".

If you do return your phone, it must be without defect and in it's original box and it MUST HAVE a RA number which you can only get by calling Solavei (expect about a 30 minute wait).

Return to:

Solavei Return
2675 Reeves Road Ste. 191
Plainfield, In. 46168

One other problem with Solavei is that it has changed it's Comp Plan and this has reduced commissions. Also some of its distributors have been terminated by the Company.

Comparing Solavei

Solavei recognizes that  a person's voice is the most powerful form of marketing, so that’s what they want to invest in. While other companies spend billions on traditional marketing, Solavei rewards you for sharing it with your connections. Of course, this is nothing new.

If you have two members in a family they would each pay $49.00 a month for this service. There is no "family plan" where you can add a member for $10.

There are other national MVNO services like MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile and StraightTalk that provide unlimited service for about the same price. I prefer and recommend Straight Talk, available through WalMart.

Where To Join Solavei

You can join Solavei with a friend of mine by clicking HERE.

Where To Learn More About Solavei

You can access the most up to date information about Solavei by attending one of their live webinars or accessing their
Facebookor Twitter page.

The Solavei Customer Service number is:
1-866-Solavei (765-2834)

Here is the Solavei home office address:

Solavei, LLC
10500 NE 8th Street
Suite 1300
Bellevue, Wa 98004


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