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What is the best mlm? Is there a difference between an mlm and a direct sales company? How can you tell if an mlm will be successful or not?

​​Where can you find the best mlm business? Is multi level marketing a sound business model? Can you make money with multi level marketing? Should you consider a new mlm?

What is the best mlm?

This 100% depends on who you ask. Most will say their's is, of course. But not all mlm's are for everybody. Not everyone uses a PC, right. Some love Mac's.

How about one of the companies listed in the longest established mlm's list below and to the right? Based on longevity and income, the best mlm would be Amway. No, I am not suggesting you join amway!

Of the top 25 mlm's, 22 are health and nutrition companies and it's for this reason many new start up companies are health or skin and nutrition companies. So are the best mlm's health and nutritional companies?

The problem with most of these companies is that the product they brought to market is no longer new. You can go to any health food store and buy melalueca tree oil, acai or mangosteen juice or get something similar to what's offered for far less money. This is not to say they are better products, but similar and a lot cheaper.

The truth is, many people were willing to pay the higher prices mlm's charged when the economy supported it. Now it doesn't and many people have cut back or dropped out of some of these mlm's.

So, is there a best mlm? I would say yes there is IF:

It makes you enough money to at least pay for the product.

It has continued to stay in business year after year.

It has the interests of its members above the company.

You can join it at any time and make it "to the top".

And you are absolutely passionate about its products, so
much so, you are impelled to share it with everybody because it's that beneficial

Is there a difference between an mlm and a direct sales company?

As I see it, all mlm's are direct sale companies, but not all direct sale companies are mlm's. Some companies like Amazon and Clickbank have affiliate sellers who receive a commission for items sold. There is no reps above or below them. They are all equal.

Some Direct Sales Companies are similar to mlm's but do not use the infamous traditional pay plans like binaries, matrices, cyclers and unilevels. They can be identified by there being no limits on what you can earn. Most mlm's limit what you can earn and make it nearly impossible for you to qualify for the highest rank, you know the one they promote by saying you "can earn up to".

How can you tell if an mlm will be successful or not?

By waiting to see if it is or not. People knew about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, but did they know they would be the leaders of successful companies? Probably not.

Most mlm's fail in the first 2-3 years nowadays. Most mlm's today are not true mlm's, but scams or pyramid schemes. You have to be especially careful today with what you get involved with.

Where can you find the best mlm business?

Usually the best way to find a good mlm or income opportunity is to rely on word of mouth from someone you trust. But if no one is doing this, you may need to consult a reliable website. Finding one can be the problem.
Always talk with anyone who might be a potential sponsor in any mlm you consider joining.​

Is multi level marketing a sound business model?

Yes. It accounts for billions of dollars in sales every year. But not people agree. Some "scam" sites and individuals interchangably use  the words mlm with scam, pyramid and ponzi schemes. Unfortunately, in some cases, they're right!

That's why it's your responsiblity to find out the difference. Someone who is more experienced, knowledgable and not gullible can be a practical guide for you. Know anyone like that?
Here one point of view.

Can you make money with multi level marketing?

In most cases, most people hardly make any money at all to speak of. Maybe a fast Start Bonus for bringing in a member or two. Watch this video to see why.

It's only when you get connected, perhaps with a mentor or upline that teaches you what he/she knows, that people earn enough income to make a living at it. do you know anyone like that?

Should you consider a new mlm?

No. Yes. It depends. Are you getting in early enough with the right people in the right company? It's a longshot but it can be exciting (if not addictive). For the most part, wait a couple of years to see how it does.

Do I Recommend any MLM?

No I do not. However, there is one direct sales company that I feel meets all the criteria I have posted on my website and more...

That company is....

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the best mlm company/companies 

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