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Want to work at home? Want to start a home based business? What are some ways to be able to work at home? What is a work at home based business? 

Who doesn't want to work at home? No driving to and from work, being able to work in your pajamas, setting your own hours are just a few good reasons. But what can you do and is it as easy as some websites say it is? Of course it's not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it!

Some people are capable of "figuring it out" quickly when it comes to working at home and others just never seem to get it. Why is that? One reason people don't get it is because building a work at home business is just like starting a regular brick and mortar type business; it takes time, capital, marketing and hard work.

For some reason, people who go online "assume" there's some magic instant presto way to have floods of checks sent to your mail box on a daily basis after joining this or that because it's 98% "automated" or "no sponsoring" is required. Folks, don't be fooled. There is no such thing.

If you want to start a work at home business you're more than likely going to have to use your computer, so my first question to you is, "Do you know how to use a computer?" If so, that's just a start. Next, do you know how to write and spell? Good, that helpful. Let's see what else you should be willing to do or know: 

  • Are you willing to spend money to market and advertise your business? 
  • Are you willing to follow a leader or do things your way? 
  • Do you have the right mind set for this? 
  • How much do you believe in yourself? 
  • What is your motivation? 
  • Are you persistent? 

Write down or think about the answers to these questions and then compare them to what I believe you're going to need to succeed with a work at home business. In this case, we'll define success as earning an income to live off of.

  • You'll need about 3-4 hours a day or 15-20 hours per week. 
  • You'll need to invest anywhere from $500.00 to $2,000. for marketing, advertising and getting started.
  • Doing things your own way is fine if they're proven methods that get results. Are you willing to listen and apply the direction of a work at home leader? 
  • Do you think of yourself as an entrepreneur business owner or as an employee? 
  • Is your confidence in your ability to do this 100% or do you doubt yourself? 
  • Is your motivation so strong that there is no other option but to succeed? 
  • Are you the type that continues trying even when it looks like you are failing? 
In my opinion, that's what it takes to be able to work at home. It's really like being a very successful employee with a lot more risk.

​​Starting a business from scratch is like being a 
salesman for a Company and getting paid commissions and no salary. It's like working for a major Company but you can work at home instead of going into the office. Will that work for you?

The up side to all of this is that the wealthiest people alive are self employed, entrepreneurs and business owners. And some of the greatest success stories are of people who are in mlm or network marketing.

​​Where else can you make so much from investing so little money? Maybe that neighbor you always see around the house or going away on vacations works at home as a network marketer? Why is network marketing such a great work at home business?

Some of the most successful distributors in network marketing have been average people who see the dream and go after it head first. They believe in the products, the Company and its leaders and simply share it. Some of these people become successful rather quickly, in less than a year. 

If you would like to work at home, I'd like you to watch this video about network marketing first and see if you have what it takes:

Here's what you now need to do to be able to work at home:

You must understand what to look for in a network marketing Company. Go here.
You must decide which network marketing Company is best for you? Go here.
You must use a marketing system to promote you and it. I'll show that to you later.

In conclusion, working at home through network marketing should take some serious forethought, some deep research and some careful planning before you commit to it. I hope you act upon these words and consider their meaning. Please call with any questions or to discuss what else is involved. I have been making money online for years ( I don't disclose how much - how would YOU know if I told you?) and will be happy to share my experience.
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