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World Discovery Club
​by Andrew Sinay
A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team
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Perhaps you're like me and you want more than the obvious information you see on the Internet about The World Discovery Club. You want to know things below the surface, behind the scenes and an experts opinion.

The information below is partly my own personal experience, opinion and facts about The World Discovery Club . Hopefully it will help you to make an informed decision about becoming a WDC member and perhaps encourage you to join WDC with us.
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What Is The World Discovery Club?

The World Discovery Club is a direct sales travel membership offering discounted airfare, hotels, resorts and condo's, cruises, car rentals, dining and entertainment.

If you travel or take vacations, if you're interested in having the benefits of "time-share" ownership without the costs and fees, if you take cruises or take mini-vacations at luxury hotels, then The World Ttravel Club is for you.

What Is My Opinion of The World Discovery Club?

In my opinion, The World Discovery Club is the best travel club in the world. As an active member and California World Discovery Club sponsor, I can assure why this is true.

The World Discovery Club is not controlled by some travel agency, travel wholesaler or group with strict limits on what they can offer members.

The WDC controls their product by having over 15 different vendors who offer some of the best deals in the travel industry and some of those deals are exclusive.

The bottom line is the prices. The World Discovery Club has prices that beat their competitors, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on each vacation.

My recommendation is to do your due diligence and compare, compare, compare. Compare WDC with any direct sales travel club like World Ventures, Global Resorts and Coastal Vacations.

How is The World Discovery Club Better?

➡ Live internet bookings
➡ Multiple concierge services
➡ Rental cars / auto hire
➡ Airport shuttles and limo services
➡ Golf course reservations
➡ Discount movie tickets
➡ Dinner cruises
➡ Hot air balloon rides
➡ Restaurants
➡ Theme park tickets
➡ Guided tours
➡ Whale watching and glacier excursions
➡ White water rafting
➡ Live shows and entertainment
➡ Disney park meal packages
➡ Real discount hotel deals
➡ Discounted Consolidator Airline Fares
➡ Discounted cruises and special cruise packages with access to the largest cruise inventory
available anywhere
➡ Amazing Package Tour Deals
➡ Huge inventory of luxury vacation homes
➡ Largest resort condo inventory available
➡ (no timeshare purchase required)
➡ Luxury condo resort hot weeks from $99 (for the entire week!)
➡ Access to private airport lounges
➡ Live internet booking AND extensive over-the-phone concierge services
➡ + too much more to mention here
➡ No 3rd party membership with all the associated
problems of that arrangement.
➡ More Resort Condo Weeks
➡ More choices and more travel deals that are not
available anywhere else.
➡ No mandatory monthly or yearly fees.

Compare World Discovery Club

If you would like to compare The World Discovery Club with Franchises, traditional mlm's, your job or timeshares, please click here.

How and Where To Join World Discovery Club

You can join The World Discovery Club by going to their corporate website or to their join page. To join you must enter a sponsor email id. If you choose to join World Discovery Club with Andrew Sinay of A. Andrews and Sons Marketing group you must use the sponsor ID below: aaasons@gmail.com

How To Learn More About The WDC

You can access the most up to date information about The World Discovery Club by attending one of their live webinars.

To attend a webinar you must enter here. Enter as a guest by clicking the "guest" button and putting your first name in the box. Then  Dial 209-647-1600 and enter Access Code: 264732

To discover more about World Discovery Club by phone please  call Andrew Sinay at 951-805-8585 PST.

The World Discovery Club has marketing tools and systems that make your presentation of the business opportunity easy and simple.  Here's what you get:

Choice of unique customizable website opt-in pages:

- Choose from several different designs and personally welcome each and every visitor to your site with your own video. You can even write the words that go on this page and create a website within your complete marketing system.

Quick Connect phone system gets your prospects on the phone for you:

- You can be connected with your website visitors automatically even if you're not in front of your computer when they visit. Your system will call your prospect and you to get the two of you connected right away

Your fully functional auto responder system and proven campaign strategy, follow up with your prospects automatically.

The leads that you get through the system will get automatic emails from you, without you having to lift a finger Send your own emails to your leads at any time through your marketing system. You can send your messages to a single lead, to a group or to every single one broadcast style.

Connect face to face with your leads using our unique video email system.

You'll be able to send a personal follow-up message or broadcast your video to several leads.

Fully customizable "about me" section allows your leads to connect with you. They'll have an opportunity to connect with your written words, pictures and your personal videos.

Your website traffic sourcing tool tells you exactly where your traffic is coming from. You'll know what marketing campaigns are working best and when you know that, life gets really simple---do more of that!

With your personal message system you'll keep track of all your appointments and tasks to complete. All you have to do is sign into your back office. No more little pieces of paper to misplace!

Your personal email support system is just a click away.
If you run into a problem or have a question we're here to help. Simply submit a support ticket and we will respond in less than 12 hours!

We'll deliver red hot targeted leads right to your system.
Just join one of our proven co-op advertising programs and we'll do the marketing for you. Don't know where to start or how to advertise? No worries! Just plug-in and get ready for all the traffic.

Your marketing system even shows you how to use it most effectively. Just follow the simple tips, tricks and techniques in the step by step video tutorials inside your system. It's the easy way to get up to speed fast!

Attend live closed door private members only training sessions.
They're informative and interactive and we use the latest state-of-the-art webinar technology. In these webinars we show you the nuts and bolts of marketing online and the PROVEN methods that actually work.

Your marketing system includes instant access to the World Discovery Club video on demand marketing and business development training library. The various sessions reveal step-by-step instructions on how to expand your business.

Your members-only WDC toolbar gives you exclusive and instant access to training, sales tools to drive MASSIVE traffic to your website and to make sales.

With your live interactive webinar closing center you can let us take care of the hard work for you.
Your prospects will get the big picture and see with their own eyes what the extreme value of World Discovery Club travel memberships, combined with our complete marketing, training and support system can do for them.

How and Where To Join World Discovery Club

You can join The World Discovery Club by going to their corporate website or to their join page. To join you must enter a sponsor email id. If you choose to join World Discovery Club with Andrew Sinay of A. Andrews and Sons Marketing Team you must use the sponsor ID below: aaasons@gmail.com

The World Discovery Club
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What Is The World Discovery Club?
What Is My Opinion Of The World Discovery Club?
How Is The World Discovery Club Better?
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It simply is the best travel club ever created
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