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No doubt you're looking for the less than obvious information found on the Internet and the Corporate website about Yevo. You want to know things below the surface, behind the scenes and an experts opinion.

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What Is Yevo? What Is My Opinion of Yevo? Is There Anything Wrong With It? What Does It Cost to Join?

What Is Yevo?

Yevo is a budding network marketing company with the fundamental objective of providing the nutrition in our food that we need and is often lacking.

What Is My Opinion of Yevo?

My opinion of Yevo is that I'm impressed with what I've seen and heard so far.  Here's what I liked:

The concept is brilliant and simple: Providing the 43 essential nutrients through real food.

The enrollment process is initially through your sponsor starting Wednesday November 19th. You can then build a team for the official launch early in 2015.

Although my initial opinion of Yevo is that it's very impressive, it still has to prove itself beyond it's initial excitement.

An Honest Review of Yevo

Yevo is just beginning. This may be a cause for concern for some who like to invest their time and energy into a company that's more established. Not knowing how well it will do, you can either get in on the ground floor or wait and see.

Yevo owner Peter Castleman is certainly not new to network marketing and any Google search with his name in it indicates an outstanding leader.

Can you earn residual income from Yevo and will it retain its members? You can only earn residual income from building and maintaining a team of networkers. Are you capable of doing that?

To maintain members they must either continue to buy, enjoy and benefit from the product​​ or quite simply, make money from selling the products.

In conclusion, my initial review of Yevo is quite positive. It has the right leaders, concept, products and compensation plan.

Is There Anything Wrong With Yevo?

It's easy to see what may be negative about Yevo. Will people like the products and will there be real health benefits. Will the Company "deliver"? Will the Company change the compensation plan after a few months? I don't know, let's see.

​​I know there's financial backers, the company's finances are in good shape and it won't take much for the company to be self supporting. So as far as I know there's not anything financially wrong with Yevo. I assure you it's not a scam.

I'll be curious to see how many different products are available and ​​how they are unique to the food industry. will there be a good variety and could one "live off of" their products?

Is There Anything Like Yevo?

I've often thought, what would make a unique network marketing company? Never did I imagine what Peter Castleman came up with. Unfortunately, not everyone is crazy about the concept and it seems you always get your negative soothsayers no matter what. 

How Can You Be a Part of Yevo?

At present you can only pre-enroll . There's no shipping of product yet (not til launch in winter) and no charge to you until then. I have decided to wait until Yevo launches to determine whether to join it or not.

Cost To Join Yevo

To Enroll Only $50.00 (starter kit - no products)

Silver Pack $224.00
​2 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Single Serve 5PK
2 Oatmeal Plain Single Serve 5PK
2 Breakfast Rice Single Serve 5PK
1 Starter Kit US English
Marketing Materials US English
MyYevo Basic Back Office

Gold Pack  $480.00
1 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal 15 Serv Pouch
1 Oatmeal Plain 15 Serv Pouch
1 Breakfast Rice 15 Serv Pouch
3 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Single Serve 5PK
3 Oatmeal Plain Single Serve 5PK
3 Breakfast Rice Single Serve 5PK
1 Starter Kit US English
1 MyYevo Premium Back Office (1 year Free)
1 Yevo Marketing Materials US English​

Platinum Pack $560.00​​​​​​​​​​
1 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal 15 Serv Pouch
1 Oatmeal Plain 15 Serv Pouch
1 Breakfast Rice 15 Serv Pouch
3 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Single Serve 5PK
3 Oatmeal Plain Single Serve 5PK
3 Breakfast Rice Single Serve 5PK
1 Vitamin Coffee 30PK
1 Vitamin Tea Green 30PK
1 Starter Kit US English
1 MyYevo Premium Back Office (1 year Free)
1 Yevo Marketing Materials US English
1 Yevo Ribbon Cutting Ticket (Free)​


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This website is by a Social Entrepreneur and Sponsor for Yevo and its intentions are to give the reader a thorough and simplified overview of the Yevo program and to offer potential sponsorship for those looking for a sponsor
Yevo In Detail:

Convenient, dehydrated, affordable, simple, non-GMO, nutrient dense, healthy food… and great tasting!

When was the last time you saw a company launch with TRUE Legacy Potential. Peter Castleman’s New Food MLM Company is stellar in every sense of the word.

​​He is tapping into a market that far surpasses even the nutritional supplement industry.The supplement industry is a $38-billion per year industry, but the FOOD industry is a $4.3 TRILLION per year industry.

There is nothing typical about this business venture. Most companies have to try to get investors to supply start-up capital if they expect to have a fighting chance of launching their business to its fullest potential. The good news is Yevo has hundreds of millions at their fingertips, without having to seek any outside funding!

​​This is going beyond just dehydrated packaged food (which is a huge industry) and going far beyond the supplement industry, because Yevo is bringing a nutrient dense, whole food packaged product line to the market to replace many of the common and mostly nutrient empty foods.

Yevo will be delivering real, nutritious food to the mainstream in the trillion-dollar industry of something that we all need: FOOD. Every serving contains all 43 Essential Nutrients recommended daily by the World Health Organization for healthy sustainable cell life and optimal well-being.

There is a lot of confusion regarding nutrition. People who are trying to address their health have many issues to consider. (Organic, Non-GMO, Antioxidants, Gluten-Free, etc.) These issues, although very important, are not addressing the bottom line: FOOD is meant to nourish our bodies. What our bodies need from the foods that we eat everyday are 43 essential nutrients. These essential nutrients are compounds that your body CANNOT make. You must consume them in your diet regularly to properly nourish your body.

Yevo is putting a twist on what we currently know as “Instant Meals” that will wake up not only the food industry but the health and wellness industry as well. Ease of preparation is one thing … but lack of nutrients in our food today is quite another.. Regardless if it’s organic produce, packaged food or a personally prepared meal, it is almost impossible to obtain the 43 essential nutrients we need to physically and mentally function at our best.

Example: Unlike regular, plain oatmeal (which is very high in carbs), a bowl of OUR oatmeal has 26 grams of protein (equivalent to a 16 ounce rib-eye) 1½ grams of Omega 3s (equivalent to 4 cod liver oil capsules), 11 grams of fiber (equivalent to 2 cups of broccoli) and provides all of the 43 essential nutrients that your body requires.

The world is in a health crisis and not just in undeveloped countries. Even those who are educated and have access to quality food either don’t take the time to eat right, or crave the foods that do the most damage to their health. When consuming whole foods with all 43 naturally occurring essential nutrients the GI tract and biochemical/hormonal systems are activated and ‘satiety’ signals the brain that you are satisfied. This eliminates overeating which can lead to not only obesity but diabetes, heart disease and many other inflammatory and digestive issues.

There will be multiple selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks and beverages and over 100 foods like macaroni and cheese, chili, mashed potatoes and sausage, fettuccine alfredo, oatmeal, ramen noodles, soups, puddings, vitamin enhanced coffee and tea. The company’s nutrient dense food has water-soluble nutrients, fat soluble nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, full mineral complex, macro and micro nutrients so the meals are satisfying and filling because they supply the nutrients necessary for health.

Who will be interested?

Any person who has a busy, hectic lifestyle will want to be able to quickly choose from any of our 100+ pre-packaged, healthy, nutritious, tasty, affordable meals. They will be able to quickly deliver a quality meal to themselves and their family, without the nightmare of slaving in the kitchen for hours on end every day. What about all the millions of kids that are home alone at times, and need access to convenient, nutritious food? Think about those who are traveling, or just on the go throughout the day. Working people on their lunch breaks, or what about outdoorsmen, sports enthusiasts, and athletes.

In addition to the tens of millions of campers, hikers and hunters, what about the tens of millions of survivalist’s and prepper’s who are preparing for the unknown? What about the millions of college students who are eating pure junk food every day?

EVERYONE who can benefit from healthy, convenient, affordable food should be interested.
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